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XP-Pen unveils Artist 10 (2nd Gen) pen display

Once you start looking for a pen display, there may be some sticker shock for an artist who wants to start crafting digital art. As evidenced by their Artist 12 & 16 series pen displays, manufacturers like XP-Pen have been pushing the market to create high-quality, reasonably priced drawing supplies.

With the new Artist 10 (2nd Gen) pen display drawing tablet, the latest release of XP-Pen, the brand makes some impressive leaps, introducing revolutionary technologies, features, and design in the pen stylus and the display itself.

With the Artist Series Tablets, XP-Pen enables users to create on the screen for an unparalleled & immersive experience. It is the preferred display tablet for expert designers and studios worldwide with its HD resolution, lack of parallax, sleek design, and best-in-class functionality.

The Artist Series inspires artists to express themselves and bravely go after their aspirations authentically. The New Series introducing Artist 10 (2nd Gen) is available in various sizes & hues. XP-Pen offers free software for various uses to enhance your experience and develop your creative abilities. The X3 Smart Chip technology it offers gives you additional creative possibilities.

A New Generation for your Creation

The new artist’s pen display has a more simplistic appearance. It is portable enough to be brought outside in a backpack so that you can unleash your creative inspiration anytime and anywhere. With its large 10.1-inch drawing space, the creative opportunities are boundless. Additionally, it packs a multi-function screen that allows multiple applications.

xp-pen artist 10 (2nd gen)

Electromagnetic resonance, 5080 LPI resolution, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 8-bit color depth & a 178° visible viewing angle are other notable features. Six user-defined shortcut keys are available on the Artist 10 (2nd Gen) drawing panel to streamline your workflow and increase productivity. Also, a wide color gamut of 120% sRGB brings colors back to life.

You can concentrate on creating without being distracted thanks to the matte eye-protective screen, which filters out the ambient light disturbance, and the full lamination screen technology that bars parallel errors. Additionally, the 3-in-1 cable HDMI and USB-C port support allow PC connectivity.

Spark More Creativity with the X3 Chip

The new artist makes significant leaps in design and technology to present the ultimate drawing experience to creators and artists. With the X3 chip, the Artist 10 (2nd Gen) Pen stylus opens up new opportunities and allows creators to expand their creative boundaries.

The X3 chip is XP-Pen’s first smart chip. The X3, despite its diminutive size, was created using cutting-edge technology that significantly improves the stylus’s structure and performance.

The brand’s goal is to create artistic digitizers that make using them feel as natural and authentic as using a conventional instrument.

XP-Pen upheld that objective by developing the X3 smart chip, resulting in a pen for the X3 that functions identically to a conventional brush. With X3 smart chip technology, the possibilities are endless with the doubled life span of the stylus!

By accurately encoding electromagnetic signals into digital data, the new X3 smart chip processes electromagnetic signals. With this modification, the initial activation force’s sensitivity is increased ten times, enabling you to create your artwork with a single, light stroke.

With its advanced computational capabilities, the X3 smart chip now gives the stylus an upgraded sensor structure. This modification decreases the retraction distance to 0.6 mm, producing a smooth brush stroke with no wobble.

The New Artist 10 (2nd Gen) is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android, Chrome OS & Linux, supports digital art software, and comes in 4 colors.

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