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XP-PEN Launches Two New Pen Tablets: The Deco L and Deco LW

XP-PEN brings good news for all the artists who use pen tablets to create graphics and illustrations right at the beginning of 2022. XP-PEN added two new products to its pen tablets category: The Deco L and the Deco LW.

Both of the pen tablets are powered by their first-ever X3 smart chip. The company announced these two new products on their Twitter handle.

The specifications and features of the tablets make them a great choice for all the artists out there.

Deco L and Deco LW: All You Need to Know

XP-PEN has been supplying ​​graphics tablets, pen display monitors, stylus pens, and more for a while now. Deco L and Deco LW are the newest addition to their pen tablets lineup. Both of the pen tablets are quite similar with just a few key differences. Let’s read about their specifications and understand how are they different from each other.

xp-pen deco lw

First of all, both of these are pen tablets. Meaning, you can use these tablets as a canvas and with a stylus, you can draw on the canvas and have a digital impression saved on your laptop or computer. Artists who create graphics and animation-related content use pen tablets all the time. One of the key differences in both the Deco L and Deco LW is that the latter one comes with a Bluetooth connectivity option.

Deco L and Deco LW: Technical Specifications

X3-Smart-Chip Stylus

The biggest USP of both of these products is that they come with the first-ever X3-Smart-Chip Stylus. The new X3-Smart-Chip Stylus is said to provide users with an immersive drawing experience.

With the new stylus, you get 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and 60° tilt function. This allows you to create subtle lines more easily and create stunning designs.

This time, the company has also eliminated spring parts from the stylus and upgraded its internal structure. As a result, they now claim that the lifespan of the stylus is double that of previous ones.

Basic Specifications

Both Deco L and Deco LW give you a 10 x 6 inch work area. They come equipped with 8 customizable shortcut keys that you can map accordingly. The resolution of both of the tablets is 5080LPI and they have a maximum report rate of 220RPS.

The Deco L and Deco LW have 8192 pressure levels with 60° tilt. The reading height of the tablets is 10mm. Both of them have a USB Type-C port to interface with other devices.

They are available in 4 modern color options: Black, Blue, Green, and Pink. The tablets have rubber protection at the edges making them quite safe.

The only key difference between Deco L and Deco LW is the Bluetooth connectivity option. The Deco LW comes with Bluetooth 5.0 that allows you to connect it wirelessly with your device. It has a 1000mAh battery and can over 10 hours.


The Deco L and Deco LW support all of the popular operating systems. You can use these tablets with Windows 7 or later, macOS X 10.10 or later, smartphones running Android 6.0 or later. They also work great with ChromeOS and Linux devices.

Closing Phrase

The Deco LW is currently selling for USD 89.99. With a new X3 Elite Stylus, Bluetooth connectivity, and great color options, it is definitely one of the best graphic tablets to buy right now. The Deco L is currently priced at USD 69.99 which is a great deal too. You can use these graphic tablets to make projects on Photoshop, Illustrator, SAI, GIMP, Krita, MediBang Paint, FireAlpaca, Blender, etc.

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