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Xbox Announces New Games With Gold for January 2022

January is just around the corner, but Xbox is no mood to wait any longer. Xbox reveals Xbox Games with Gold lineup, scheduled to roll out in January 2022.

Microsoft’s Xbox Games with Gold program will present subscribers of Xbox Live Gold along with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate four free games. Xbox Live Gold members will be presented with limited-time exclusive access to the free games.

Similarly, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will also get exclusive access, besides the membership benefits to over 100 premium quality games via the Xbox game pass. The January 2022 Game with Gold lineup is split into two waves, nothing unusual, offering games for Xbox One and Xbox 360, one for each.

Backward Compatible Games

The Games with Gold 2022 lineup is available on both Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One consoles. The lineup includes NeuroVoider – ending killer robots by extermination and Aground – helping humanity return to the stars.

Besides, the classic lineup of the Game with Gold series includes Radiant Silvergun – reliving the era of arcade shooting and Space Invaders Infinity Gene – revisiting a re-envisioned classic, all made possible via Backward Compatibility.

Xbox’s Backward Compatibility program was on hold before, was recently released with an updated catalog, celebrating 20 years of Xbox. Backward compatible Xbox Series X|S games fully leverage the power of the next-generation consoles, allowing chosen titles to be delivered at enhanced resolutions of up to 4K.

With an upgraded aesthetic to their gameplay, compatible games have been designed to become even more stunning than before. Backward compatible titles have been markedly enhanced by how they look and feel.

While retaining the playability, users anticipate – after more than 500,000 hours of experimentation and satisfying Xbox Series X|S gameplay benchmarks.

Xbox Games with Gold Lineup

NeuroVoider, scheduled to roll out from January 1 to January 31 for Xbox One at $13.99 ERP, features a cybernetic world and is presented with an original soundtrack by Dan Terminus, a cyberpunk artist.

The game features brain shooting around evil robots with nuclear-powered weapons and requires defeating the master NeuroVoider to win this endless battle.

Aground is next in line, where “survival is only the first step. Returning to the stars & confronting them is the future of humanity.

However, recovering everything that was lost will need plenty of ingenuity and assistance, and even that may not be enough.” The game requires gamers to craft and build to restore humanity’s survival and reach the stars’ destination.

The game doesn’t limit imagination by using technology, taming dragons, or launching rockets in space. With Aground, recover what was lost and build everything from scratch again, available from January 16 to February 16 at $14.99 ERP on Xbox One.

Also, Radiant Silvergun is available at $14.99 ERP. Restored by treasure, the original shoot-them-up gameplay has again returned with the legendary vertical shooter, making the arcade gain fame initially.

The Xbox 360 games will be available from January 1 to January 15. The game that characterized video games for millennia, Space Invaders, is up with a unique spin! With newer additions like “Ikaruga style,” the gameplay is redesigned even more fun.

The game begins to resemble the classic Space Invaders, but as the game progresses, it unfolds. Unlock new levels, power-ups, and functionalities. The full game has 143 levels in Normal Mode and the spectacular Challenge Mode, where stages alter with each play session.

The Xbox 360 games will also be available from January 16 to January 31 at $9.99 ERP. Also, if you’re Xbox Live Gold or Game pass new or an existing member, Xbox offers you to join or upgrade only for $1.

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