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Dreamscaper comes to Xbox One, Series X|S, cloud and PC Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass unveiled the addition of ten new games to its gaming library. According to Microsoft, CrossfireX, Infernax, and Edge of Eternity will come as day-one titles in February.

In addition, Contrast, Telling Lies, Dreamscaper, Besiege, The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom, Skul: The Hero Slayer, and Ark: Ultimate Survivor Edition will be offered to the subscription service this month. Six titles will be removed from the Xbox Game Pass library of free games as well on February 15.

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass membership service brings new titles on a regular basis. It allows Microsoft to make the case that an Xbox Game Pass membership is a must-have since players will never run out of games to enjoy. Microsoft has included three more games to the Xbox Game Pass roster for customers to check out on Thursday, February 3.

Contrast, Dreamscaper, and Telling Lies are the three new titles added to Xbox Game Pass on February 3. Dreamscaper and Telling Lies are accessible to Xbox Game Pass members on consoles, PCs, and the cloud, but Contrast is only available on platforms.

Microsoft doesn’t reveal Xbox Game Pass removal dates until the titles are removed. With Game Pass titles have spun earlier, these games are likely to be active for one year before leaving the service.

Surreal action with Dreamscaper

Dreamscaper is a game that might be classified as a day one Xbox Game Pass title. It’s been playable on PC and Nintendo Switch for a few years, but it’s only now making its Xbox debut. Dreamscaper had positive reviews when it first came out on PC and Switch, so the Xbox version should be a safe pick for anyone seeking a good new game to enjoy.

For those wondering what Dreamscaper is, the game offers a unique premise. During the day in the game, players are free to tour a city and engage with other persons to create social ties.

It will provide players with perks they can employ in the nightmare world they visit when they dream at night. Users can use a sophisticated, comprehensive combat system that rewards skillful play.

To overcome adversaries with many fighting options, they can employ strategic positioning, precise timing, and rapid reflexes. Each weaponry in Dreamscaper is epic, be it cleaving the soil beneath the nightmares, or whipping a fatal yoyo into their faces.

Gamers will be able to approach the fight in a variety of ways. In Dreamscaper, enemies and bosses manifest Cassidy’s most unpleasant emotions. To dispel the dark miasma engulfed her, defeat those lethal opponents. Over Cassidy’s waking life, form relationships and empower her with their hopes, friendships, and recollections.

As part of February’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate privileges, gamers will also get access to Smite: Season 9 Starter Pass, World of Warships: Exclusive Starter Pack, and Phantasy Star Online 2: February Member Monthly Bonus.

Every month, Microsoft eliminates a few games from the Xbox Game Pass roster when new ones are introduced. Six titles, as previously stated, will be removed from the Xbox Game Pass catalogue in February.

Before they are withdrawn, gamers can get these titles at a 20 percent discount with their subscription. On PC and console, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass costs $9.99 per month. In the meantime, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate comes at $14.99 per month.

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