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Xbox Makes Roller Champions Free for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

The availability of Xbox Series X|S is a whole other issue but when it comes to gaming titles, there is just no shortage. Microsoft is working hard to bring a lot of games to the Xbox consoles. We saw that about a month ago, Fall Guys became free for Xbox. Well, there is more good news coming for all the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S owners.

Recently, Xbox announced that the popular sports stadium game Roller Champions is now available for Xbox Series X|S(via backward compatibility) and Xbox One. For all the people who want high-speed fun and excitement, this is the game that is definitely going to excite you. The best thing is that it is completely free-to-play. So all the Xbox owners can now get a next-level PvP skating experience for free.

The Premise

The premise of Roller Champions is quite interesting. It has 3v3 matches and players are supposed to keep the ball with them for a lap and then shoot in the hop to score. If a player wants to earn more points then they can do more laps before shooting.

However, just like with everything, this is a high-risk high reward kind of thing. So if another player takes the ball from you when you are doing the loop, you will lose all the progress.

Overall, the game combines a lot of things including teamwork, skating skills, finding angles, tackling the opponent, and whatnot.

To win, the team has to score five points and whoever does it first gets the victory. If your opponents have the ball then you have to do everything in your power to get the ball from them. Tackling, blocking, and intercepting are all fair and good. The main goal is to stop them anyhow and not let them score .

Build Career

Just like many other games, when you gain more skills and grow them, your career automatically grows. And if you play fantastic in a match, you will be gaining fans and if you do it often, you will become a popular athlete in the game.

Having more fans in the game is not just a gimmick as more fans give your more Roller progression. You can use this Roller progression to get more rewards in the game.

There are many ways to gain fans. The first one is to play matches, of course, then there are the daily bonuses and finally, you can also complete sponsor quests to gain them.

The ranked mode in Roller Champions allows you to start your career in the Garage League and as you grow in the game, you can make your way to the Elite Champions League.

The game also comes with limited-time game modes that give you a lot of rewards like fans, special lootballs, etc.

Socialize with Other Players

Just because the game has a competitive environment does not mean that it is all heat. There is a social hub in the game where you can meet all the other players and hang out with them virtually.

To give a roller skate vibe, there is the Skatepark in the game where you can have fun or even upskill yourself. There are a lot of limited-time minigames that you can play with other players and even learn new skills from them.

With your progression in the game, new items such as skates, helmets, attire, emotes, etc. also unlock and you can enjoy these items in the game.

There is the Roller Pass in the game that gives you great items like season-exclusive items and wheels, the in-game currency.

The best way to enjoy this game is with your friends and you can now invite them to play with you in a team and get a lot of cool rewards.

So what are you waiting for, download the game today on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S and get the party going!

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