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Xbox Begins Pre-orders For Series X “Mini Fridge” at $99.99

Starting as a virus meme last summer, Microsoft sets on to introduce its Xbox-themed refrigerator, the most powerful and fastest, Microsoft being the first to create a 1:1 scale replica of the Xbox console, with a 6 feet expanse, weighing 400 pounds.

That’s not the only surprise that Xbox presents. After the full-blown brand war at Twitter, Xbox topped the votes, promising to turn the meme into a reality, bringing in the Xbox series X replica, the “Mini Fridge,” available later this year.

Features packed in Xbox’s “Mini Fridge”

The Xbox Mini Fridge, a replica of Xbox Series X, is the same as the name sounds. A small refrigerator is designed to imitate the Xbox Series X, featuring double door-mounted shelves, a USB port for device charging, and a capacity to hold at least 10 soda cans.

It also comes with LEDs and exclusive surface designs resembling the Series X minutely, besides a black sleek matte tower and a D.C. power adapter allowing portability anywhere the user wants.

The Xbox Mini Fridge presents varied dimensions of 462mm x 232mm x 232mm, with an additional internal compartment measuring 352.3mm x 174mm x 175mm. The fridge is also packed with A.C. and D.C. power supply compatibility.

“Just in time” for the holidays

Microsoft had originally released the first look design after their Xbox E3 showcase, inducing the memes, netizens comparing the console’s brick-like design to a refrigerator.”

Later Twitter held a competition, “Brand Bracket,” with its finalists Xbox and Skittles; Xbox vowed to create the Mini fridge upon winning. Xbox acquired more than 50% of the votes and eventually won. This powered Microsoft’s decision to surprise their loyal user and fan base with the exclusive and much-awaited creation, the “Mini Fridge,” a perfect revelation before the holidays.

The Mini Fridge was created with the collaboration of Microsoft and Ukonic, based in Las Vegas, renowned for developing merchandise for Microsoft’s Minecraft and upcoming Halo Infinite, besides creating major tie-in products for Marvel and Disney.

The first wave of the Mini Fridge production can be available at Target, and its online platform Target.com at an exclusive retail price of $99.99 for U.S. Canadian fans can get it on Xbox Gear Shop in December.

For European fans, especially in the U.K., the refrigerator can be available from GAME at £89.99. In Germany, Italy, Poland, Ireland, Spain, and the Netherlands, fans can grab the refrigerator at GameStop E.U. or Micromania, available at £99.00 or Toynk via Amazon.

The availability of the Xbox Mini Fridge can be expanded regionally in 2022 due to awaiting regulatory approvals and market restrictions. The Mini Fridge pre-orders starts today, October 19, arriving in global retail stores from December onwards.

Source: Xbox

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