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WEROCK Announces Three New Industrial Tablets with Windows 11

Generally, when we talk about tablets (be it iPads, Android tablets, or Windows tablets), WEROCK is not a name that pops right up because WEROCK does not make your average daily use tablets.

Just recently, WEROCK unveiled their Rocktab S500 series and as the name gives it away, these are industrial-grade rugged tablets made for rough use.

The new Rocktab 500 series has three tablets with different screen sizes and they are Rocktab S508(8-inch), Rocktab S510(10.1-inch), and Rocktab S512(12.2-inch). All of them come equipped with Jasper Lake generation Intel processors.

These tablets are not your everyday tablets as they have a rugged industrial design and can be useful in industries like manufacturing, automobile, logistics, public safety, utility sector, etc.

But just because they are tough and rugged does not mean they are any less in terms of performance. These new tablets come loaded with advanced features like up to 16GB of RAM, Windows 11 OS, fast connectivity, and fast charging support.

Use Them Anywhere

As we are moving towards digitization, it is only natural to use digital tools for everyday workflow. But some working environments are more challenging than others. Sectors like logistics, manufacturing, automobile, etc. have tough working conditions and that is why employees need a strong rugged device to rely on.

The new WEROCK Rocktab S500 series is made exactly for that as they have an IP65 rating making them water and dust-proof. They also comply with MIL-STD-810 military standards making them capable to work in pretty much any harsh conditions.

It doesn’t matter if you are working in rain, snow, dirt, or dust, these tablets can take it all. The tablets can also work between extreme temperature ranges of -20° C to +60° C.

WEROCK has also tested them for drops and they can take drops from 1.2 meters easily. The brand also deployed scratch-resistant screens and made the display gesture compatible for more usability.

The depth of these tablets is 2cm which is relatively compact if you consider that these are rugged industrial-grade tablets.

Yet Powerful On the Inside

Despite having a rugged and packed design, the new Rocktab S500 series still has some powerful features. First of all, these tablets come with Windows 11 which gives you a portable fully-fledged workstation. Also, you get high security with TPM 2.0.

The tablets come with Intel Celeron Quad-Core processors and the highest model which is Rocktab S512 can have 16GB of RAM. When you combine the 2.9 GHz of the Jasper Lake generation and that 16GB memory, there is nothing that these tablets can’t handle.

WEROCK has also made significant leaps in terms of battery performance with these tabs. The tablets can have up to 9 hours of life thanks to the new batteries which are replaceable. We barely see replaceable batteries in normal consumer tabs. So it is good to see them here. Then the new flagship Rocktab S512 even has a hot-swappable battery, allowing you to get unlimited battery life because you can replace the battery while the tab is on. Then the 65 Watts fast charging ensures that batteries are always quickly juiced up.

All of the tablets have a full-size USB 2.0 Type-A port and a USB C port, they have both front and rear cameras. Then you also get 4G LTE, Bluetooth WiFi 5 WLAN, and GPS for seamless connectivity.

Overall, these tablets are solid for industries that need tough devices for their day-to-day operations. They have all the features that allow them to work in hard conditions. As for the normal users, these tablets do not bring anything of value. So if you are from any of the industries and want to modernize your workflow, it is time to put in order for these tablets according to your need. And as for day-to-day average users, an iPad or any other tablet should do just fine.

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