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VAIO and Gateway All Set to Push Out Windows 11 Laptops

Windows 11 was launched on 5 October last year and people are loving the new Windows interface. It is a free update so most of the compatible devices already have it.

But most people are excited to see Windows 11 in action on the new laptops and desktops they buy. That is why most computer brands are now shipping their laptops and workstations with Windows 11. Just recently, popular brands VAIO and Gateway have also joined the trend and are now ready to ship out laptops with Windows 11 on board. So let’s know a little more about that.

VAIO Brings Windows 11 Laptops

VAIO is not one of the top brands when it comes to laptops but it is definitely a familiar one and it had its fair share of success back in the day. They are now bringing Windows 11 to their users with their new laptops in the FE series. The new laptops are going to be ​​available in the North American region.

With these new laptops, VAIO attempts to bring Windows 11 PCs to people with multitasking needs and people who want AIO(All-in-One) devices. The new laptops from VAIO will allow users to work, create, game, and watch content for entertainment all from a single device.

VAIO has also mentioned that the new laptops with Windows 11 will also have the latest hardware to support it and that includes the 12th Gen Intel Core processors. These laptops will be really powered efficiently as they could work for up to 10 hours on a single charge. As per VAIO, they use about 45% less energy which they did not compare to anything.

If we talk about some of the basic highlights of the new VAIO FE series with Windows 11 then they are going to have a full HD anti-glare screen. The viewing angle will be wider and the display will be more crisp and clear.

For sound, they are going to have THX Spatial Audio. It will allow 360-degree immersive sound which is going to be great for gaming, watching content, and listening to music. Overall, all the sound-related experiences will be enhanced.

If you want to get your hands on the new VAIO FE series then you can go to a Walmart store or visit Walmart.com. The price range for the new VAIO FE series of laptops is from USD 699 to USD 949.

Gateway Joins Windows 11 Gang

gateway ultra-slim windows 11 laptop

Gateway is also a familiar brand although it does not have that strong presence like Dell, or HP comparatively. But they have also decided to launch some good laptops with Windows 11 on board.

Gateway has unveiled a new series of Ultra Slim notebooks. They have also launched some models with touch screens for users who need a little more from their laptops. Just like VAIO, these ones also come with the latest 12th Gen Intel Core processors.

As per Gateway, they have made their new Ultra Slim notebooks in a way that they are good ergonomically. They also have a lightweight chassis and users also get a hinged keyboard so that they can raise it for comfort.

With Gateway, you get a lot of choices in terms of screen size and colors. Again, you can check them out at the Walmart store or visit Walmart.com. The price range for Gateway Ultra Slim notebooks starts from USD 299 and goes up to USD 699.

Windows 11 is an advanced yet seamless operating system. It comes with modern features like Windows Hello which allows you to start up your PC without any password. Then there is the Focus Assist feature that helps users to manage their notifications.

Overall, it is a great operating system with a lot of cool features that allow all users to unleash their maximum potential and work efficiently. Not only that, Windows 11 is great for watching content as well.

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