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TP-Link unveils new surveillance camera: Tapo C420S2

The Tapo C420 (Tapo C420S2), the newest home security camera from TP-Link is here. This latest camera supports 2K QHD video and 4MP images and has full-color night vision & you can observe everything that’s occurring when it’s dark outdoors. In addition to performing this purpose, the camera has other features like weatherproofing for outdoor use, microSD compatibility, clever AI detection, and an integrated light.

The inexpensive and functional Tapo cameras from TP-Link were finally made accessible in the United States early this year after being available for quite some time in Europe and other places. With the new TP-Link Tapo C420S2, the brand brings new functionalities to users, which is expected to stand out mainly because of its reasonable pricing and impressive image quality.

Install Anywhere

Traditionally, many home security cameras have used infrared (IR) night vision, turning the image to black and white at night. Color night vision sensors have been used in some cameras, such as the Wyze Cam v3, but they haven’t been a renowned option until recently.

The new security camera is sold as a pair of two cameras. The cameras can be exposed to wind and rain in outdoor places without any concerns because they are IP65-certified waterproof & dustproof. The placement is relatively easy because no cables need to be placed. Additionally, you have complete freedom to move the cameras at any time.

TP-Link Tapo C420S2

TP-Link also provides a variety of options for saving your video. In addition to a rolling 30-day video history subscription, activity notifications, and other features, the standard cloud option that we are familiar with is also accessible.

For those who don’t trust the cloud or don’t want to subscribe, the TP-Link Tapo C420 facilitates access to a 256GB microSD card, which means that your video will be stored remotely and won’t even touch the cloud.

TP-Link has finally abandoned the need for cables in the new surveillance camera, but it still claims that a single charge will last 180 days. Additionally, that battery can be recharged or taken out, offering users more alternatives than before.

Smart and wireless

Users can observe everything that happens at night in vibrant color and see up to 49 feet in the dark owing to dual inbuilt spotlights and an 850nm IR sensor. This time, the camera includes a larger sensor to take precise pictures, 2K video, and nighttime footage.

The Tapo C420S2 is superior to standard home security cameras because of its F/1.6 aperture and sensitive Starlight Sensor, which enable it to capture clear images even in dim lighting.

Additionally, it offers more flexible storage options, notifications for people or animals, and clever AI detection. It has an AI-integrated that can automatically recognize people, pets, deliveries, and cars and alert you as necessary. When motion is spotted, the cameras can also set off sound and light alarms to frighten off trespassers.

The Tapo app also enables two-way or external conversation thanks to an integrated microphone and speaker. Customers will also enjoy using the powerful outdoor camera from TP-Link whether or not they have a subscription. The internal microSD on the TP-Link hub allows you to access live recordings locally/you may purchase Tapo Care to access cloud video storage.

Unfortunately, the new model is a little more expensive than the previous one, which was $60. Users can get a 2-pack, available on Amazon for $199.

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