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TP-Link Comes with WiFi 7 Networking Solutions, Including Router and Mesh

TP-Link is so prevalent in the world of networking solutions that the name is almost synonymous with routers. So it is only natural for the brand to be the first to announce the first WiFi 7 Networking Solutions for Homes and Businesses in the world.

The brand has launched many new WiFi 7 routers and mesh systems. They come with many excellent features and offer seamless connectivity. So we will have a look at the new WiFi 7 solutions lineup and then explore them one by one.

TP-Link WiFi 7 Products

With the new announcement, here are all the new Wi-Fi 7 products/solutions from TP-Link:

  • Archer BE900: BE24000 Quad-band Wi-Fi 7 router
  • Deco BE85: BE22000 Tri-band Mesh Wi-Fi 7 System
  • Deco BE95: BE33000 Quad-band Mesh Wi-Fi 7 System

It is not just the WiFi 7 routers; TP-Link also launched many Deco devices, Omada EAPs, and Aginet products. Furthermore, there is a new version of the HomeShield software, and it is now called HomeShield 3.0. The software provides comprehensive security for users who want to get a seamless WiFi 7 experience.

New WiFi 7 Routers

The Archer series is the top-tier series of routers from TP-Link, and there are three new Archer WiFi 7 routers. However, the Archer BE900 is the show’s star with its stunning aesthetics. It looks like something from the future with its futuristic design. It has twelve antennas on the inside, making the router look cool.

Then there is the quad-band WiFi 7, so users can get up to 24Gbps speeds. Interestingly, the router also has dual 10G WAN/LAN ports. So overall, this router is just loaded with specs.

Furthermore, the Archer BE800 and Archer BE550 accompany their big brother in the lineup of Archer WiFi 7 routers. The price for the new Archer BE900 — BE24000 Quad-band Wi-Fi 7 router is USD 699.99.

TP-Link Archer GE800
TP-Link Archer GE800

Another router that joins the Archer lineup is the Archer GE800. This is the first router to have true 10G acceleration, and it is a gaming router. There are three bands on this WiFi 7 router that can deliver 18Gbps speeds.

The router comes with two 10G ports and two 2.5G ports. So all the gamers and streamers can enjoy a seamless connection. It doesn’t matter if you are streaming a 4K movie on Netflix or playing HD games on your VR; this router can provide you with the speed you need.

Deco Complete Home Mesh WiFi 7 System

Deco products from TP-Link are known for their premium designs and effective networking solutions. During the announcement, TP-Link unveiled three new Deco devices. These WiFi 7 Home Mesh Systems look premium and can seamlessly with any home design. A big “7” also runs down on the devices, highlighting the WiFi 7 element and also making it distinct from other Deco devices.

TP-Link Deco BE95
TP-Link Deco BE95

There is the new Deco BE95 that allows users to enter into the new 10G era. Users can get crazy speeds of up to 33Gbps with BE95. Furthermore, it comes with two 10Gbps ports for fast LAN access.

Apart from Deco BE95, we also have the Deco BE85 and Deco BE65.

The price for the new Deco BE95 Quad-Band WiFi 7 System is USD 1199.99 for 2 pack and for the BE85, it is USD 999.99. However, the latter one is a tri-band WiFi 7 System.

Omada WiFi 7 Access Points

For big spaces, people also need WiFi 7 access points, and to fulfill that requirement, TP-Link announced that they would launch two new WiFi 7 access points: Omada EAP780 and Omada EAP770. Both are tri-band WiFi access points and also come with 10G ports. So users will not have connectivity issues in big spaces.

TP-Link Omada EAP770 and EAP780
TP-Link Omada EAP770 and EAP780

These were some of the major announcements from TP-Link. We have many WiFi 7 routers and home mesh systems now from TP-Link. So people who need that extra speed can utilize them.

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