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The World of Warships: Legends Summer Update for Xbox is Now Live

All the fans of The World of Warships: Legends can rejoice as the summer update for the title is now live for Xbox. There is no better way to celebrate summers than playing this one with your friends.

The new summer update brings a lot of new stuff for people who play this game frequently. To start, we have a mission named after South Carolina’s official motto and it is called the Dum Spiro Spero mission.

People to complete this mission have a stunning gift which is the American Tier III Premium battleship: South Carolina. As per the release, players have till July 25 to complete the assignment and get the premium battleship.

With the update, there will be even more bonuses for the players as they will get Windroses for American ships. All the players having Tier IV-Legendary ships will have a fun time from July 4 to July 25 as they will get a one-time bonus for each of their first wins. The bonus will be stuff like camouflages, crates, and Commander Progression items and will depend on the ship tier of the players.

There is also a special Broad Stripes and Bright Stars time-limited Bureau project that comes with the summer update. Upon completion of the project, players will get exclusive Star-Spangled skins for Cleveland and Baltimore and camos that will be permanent. So make sure to keep your eyes on it.

That is not all! There are some other great announcements from Microsoft this time. Players can hit the Microsoft Store and get the themed Philippines port, Liberty Package for free.

If you go to the special tab of the store then you can also find rotating discounts every week for all the USN-related content. The key highlight is the 40% discount on some XXL ship bundles. This will be continuing throughout the entire fall so no need to rush but definitely get excited.

Lucky Six campaign

With the summer update for The World of Warships: Legends, just like every time, there is a new campaign, and this time it is the Lucky Six campaign. First of all, let’s talk about the normal stuff of the campaign.

So it is a normal classic 100-milestone 5-week endeavor. The catch-up mechanic is going to be enabled for the campaign.

But, here is the special thing about the campaign: this time it features Tier VII destroyer Black and Tier V aircraft carrier Independence. For context, both of the ships are American Premium ships.

Both the ships bring new excitement to the campaign as Black is a destroyer. It is quite versatile as it comes with rapid-reloading guns and Radar.

Then there is the Independence aircraft carrier. It is also the first aircraft carrier that players can get as the ultimate campaign reward.

Tier VIII Arriving

The World of Warships: Legends will be having one more tier. But it is not going to be coming with the summer update. They have promised to bring it with the next update. But the developers have given some details that you should also know.

They have unveiled 12 new tech tree ships from 4 nations: the USA, Japan, Germany, and USSR.

Pan-European Destroyers

With the new summer update, players will now have a chance to get Tier VII Östergötland. On top of that, the Early Access line of Pan-European destroyers is now available and as a player, you can research it.

Commander Janko Vukovich will be making the debut in the game and this will happen on June 27 when the Pan-European Tier IV heavy-hitting battleship Viribus Unitis will be released.

Closing Phrase

Summer is here and people want to spend more time hanging out and chilling while they play some cool games. With the new summer update for The World of Warships: Legends, all the fans have a lot of new stuff to explore.

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