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The Next-generation 2-in-1 Tablet has been Launched – Chuwi UBook XPro

Chuwi keeps releasing new products, and their recent 2-in-1 tablet become the most diverse product of the year. The new UBook XPro has piqued the imagination of thousands of customers since its unveiling. The new Chuwi UBook XPro features a polished look, plenty of power, and a competitive price, making it a classic upgrade.

It’s worth looking at when you search for a tablet that operates as a PC. With the UBook, UBook Pro, and now the UBookX Pro, they addressed the mobile office market, focusing on versatility, aesthetics, efficiency, and mobility.

Chuwi released a new product named the UBook X back in 2020, a 2-in-1 Windows tablet that succeeds the UBook and UBook Pro. Many components of the UBook X are shared with its UBook siblings.

chuwi ubook xpro

UBook X comes with higher-resolution display compared to UBook (1080p) and UBook Pro (1280p). The UBook X, on the other hand, had a 1440p panel with a 3:2 aspect ratio.

The panel was 12-inches long, 0.3-inches shorter than the one Chuwi offered with the UBook Pro. The Intel Celeron N4100, a 6 W quad-core CPU that Chuwi also employs in the UBook and UBook Pro, matched the IPS display.

The recently released 2in1 tablet UBook XPro maintains the UBook series’ initial exceptional performance, portability, battery life, and distinctive U-shaped stand and updates the screen to a 3:2 13-inch with a 2k IPS display.

A Classic Upgrade

The front of the UBook XPro has a 13″ IPS touchscreen with a premium 2K resolution, which provides exquisite and precise text and image details. As you may know, laptops and tablets always have 16:9 aspect ratio displays, but since the release of the Microsoft Surface series, many consumers have chosen the 3:2 aspect ratio.

Because it is identical to the aspect ratio of normal A4 paper, the 3:2 aspect ratio is highly recommended. It also means you’ll have a larger display, useful for taking notes, reading e-books, editing documents, and even browsing the internet.

This display also enables touch and stylus, with up to 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, for a seamless and precise user experience while taking notes or drawing. The UBook XPro is made of a lightweight aluminum-magnesium alloy that is only 9.2mm thick.

The endlessly adjustable U-shaped bracket, which users may modify at numerous angles and forms depending on the use situation, is one of the most striking design characteristics. The tablet format is ideal for data browsing or leisure gaming. It’s simple to watch videos or work with a pen after adjusting the stand to the upright shape.

It can even be attached to a magnetic keyboard to switch to notebook mode for faster content entry. UBook XPro can be conveniently taken anywhere thanks to its thin and light body and U-shaped bracket design, and it can be precisely suited to many settings for efficient use.

The tablet comes with SSD storage that speeds up the everyday experience with fast multitasking background and program response, considerably enhancing usage efficiency, and enables Windows 11 system upgrades, also featuring the 8GB dual-channel memory and 256GB.

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