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The new ROG Strix Gold Aura Edition arrives with massive upgrades!

ROG power supply units take advantage of the years of gaming hardware industry knowledge to provide robust innovation to the market. Excellent cooling is provided throughout the entire portfolio using the fan technology in the premium graphics cards and ROG heatsinks.

Additionally, various aesthetic upgrades, including OLED displays, Aura RGB lighting & changeable decals set each series apart and add premium aesthetics to every design. Asus ROG’s venerable motherboard and GPU product lines, which have a wealth of knowledge in power delivery and thermal design, have been used to generate industry-leading power supply units for various setups.

The brand developed the original ROG Strix 850W Gold PSU to give mainstream rigs reliable, effective, calm & silent power. But as technology advances, it’s time to advance Strix to the next level with the help of contemporary graphics cards that support the new ATX 3.0 power delivery standard.

With that in mind, Asus ROG is bringing in a new PSU, the ROG Strix Gold Aura Edition, your next power supply’s addition of better cooling, 16-pin PCIe connectivity, and Aura Sync RGB.

ASUS ROG Strix series – built for high-end gaming rigs

High-current power supply components produce heat. Therefore, reliable cooling solutions are needed to maintain long-term performance. ASUS has decades of experience creating heat sinks and fans for motherboards and graphics cards with excellent performance. The brand leverages all this information to develop silent PSUs while powering the most recent CPUs and GPUs.

Modern multi-core CPU and GPU architectures run in low-power modes when not in use and quickly ramp up to maximum performance when needed. It calls for efficiency and transient response adjustment to ensure that the system always receives the proper quantity of power.

As a result of performing motherboard, GPU, and PSU engineering in-house, ASUS can provide consistent, high-performance results for any setup. So, Asus did with their ROG Strix series PSUs. High-end gaming setups have specific requirements, which are met by ROG Strix PSUs.

Due to Asus’ extensive industry knowledge, premium components and specialized thermal solutions can power the most recent processors and graphics cards with the efficiency, performance, and quality required.

Introducing the ROG Strix Gold Aura Edition series

Like its forerunner, the ROG Strix Gold Aura Edition series stands apart from rival power supplies thanks to a massive heatsink for cool, quiet operation. This design allows for lower temperatures, a longer item lifespan, and prolonged 0dB operation under light and medium loads because it has double the capacity of conventional PSU heatsinks.

Available in 750W, 850W, 1000W, and 1200W variants, the PSU is encased in a stylish aluminum chassis that serves as its cooling, significantly lowering temperatures and cutting noise, further aided by the 135mm Axial-tech fan design.

With effective & low-ESR Japanese capacitors got a lifespan of around twice as long as regular caps & have the same 80 Plus Gold certification as their predecessor. However, the new 16-pin power connector for contemporary graphics cards is arguably a massive upgrade, unlike the predecessors that required an adapter.

The ROG Strix Gold Aura Edition series is also now Aura Sync compatible, as the name implies, thanks to new RGB lighting on the Fearless Eye emblem. You can sync up your power supply’s lighting with the rest of your system by connecting it directly to a 3-pin configurable RGB header on your motherboard using the RGB connection cable.

Whether you want to go an entire rainbow or create a color-coordinated starry night effect, your power supply can enjoy all the same distinctive lighting patterns as your other ROG gear. What’s more? The ROG Strix Gold Aura Edition PSUs come with a 10-year limited warranty.

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