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Sony Airpeak S1 Drone is now available to buy

Sony Electronics, the subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America, has finally released their first professional drone, the Airpeak S1. The industry leader initially started hinting at the premier product of their Airpeak series back in November of 2020. Two months later, in January of 2021 at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Sony gave their audience a first look at Airpeak and announced its release for Fall 2021.

Almost a year later, as of December 1st, consumers are now allowed to pre-order the smallest drone in the world, and expect delivery in time for the holidays. From December 24th, customers will no longer be forced to wait with bated breath as Sony will begin shipping all Airpeak S1 orders from Japan where the drone is manufactured.

If you’re among those who have placed an order, you can expect your coveted Airpeak S1 to be shipped along with most of its accessories, including two propellers, two batteries, one remote control and a battery charger. The drone, along with these accessories costs $9,000 USD.

However, when it comes time to replace the accessories, the remote controller on its own will cost you $1099 USD and at 17 inches each, the Airpeak S1 propeller is retailed at just $200 dollars.

The Airpeak S1 Battery Pack is priced at $230 and powers a flight time of 22 minutes. For $250 USD, the Airpeak S1 Battery charger allows for simultaneous charging.

The third-party Gremsy gimbal (GBL-T3) is sold separately from the Airpeak S1 and adds $2,200 USD to your bill.

Sony is also offering a subscription service called Airpeak Plus. The service allows import and export of the drone’s flight logs, advanced geofencing options and additional data storage in the cloud. The service is available for $300 USD for a 1 year period. Alongside the Airpeak Plus, a “Protect Plan” is also available.

sony airpeak s1

Sony’s use of proprietary technology allows users to maneuver it’s latest device smoothly at great speeds without having to worry about wind resistance. This results in one-of-a-kind aerial video and image capture that is likely to satisfy the desires of any cinematographer or content creator.

If you’re in ownership of the Alpha 1, Alpha 7R series, FX 3, Alpha 7S series or the Alpha 9 series, consider yourself in luck as these mirrorless, interchangeable-lens, camera bodies from Sony are compatible with the Airpeak S1, a match made in heaven.

The Airpeak S1 gives users the ability to monitor any and all hardware related to the drone and see updates in real time through the iOS based application called “Airpeak Flight”.

Conversely, Sony Electronics also has another application, this time web-based called “Airpeak Base”. This second application gives users the ability to control equipment, organize and troubleshoot flight logs, create their flight plans ahead of time and run the same flight pattern repeatedly as many times as they want.

In the case of more than one operator, the Airpeak S1 drone allows for dual operation. In this dual operation mode, one user may operate the camera lens and gimbal while the other may control the movement of the actual drone. During this mode, both users have access to and can see the aerial video or image.

Created for professional use to empower visual storytelling professionals, the Airpeak S1 also boasts futuristic imaging, sensing, new software, Artificial Intelligence and robotics.

It is said to make intensified visual expression possible and “drive a sense of kando”, or sensitivity. The smallest drone ever hopes to give creators an all new set of tools and an endless array of possibilities.

In fact, in order to discover the value of drone use, tech giant, Sony Electronics is planning to endorse what is called “co-creation” amongst different fields such as industrial partners or system integrators.

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