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Shure launches KSM11 wireless microphone capsule

Shure launched the KSM11 Wireless Vocal Microphone Capsule. It is the company’s latest superior condenser microphone transducer innovation. The KSM11 combines low- and mid-range clarity with substantial high-end detail.

Shure said the KSM11 was designed to deliver the most realistic, transparent, and high-clarity sound possible without further processing in-person, broadcast, simulcast, and live-streamed events.

Shure’s KSM11 Wireless Condenser Microphone Capsule was intended to use the greater linearity offered via digital signal chains, with low & mid-range richness and high-end precision, a top-level off-axis rejection, and shock isolation, and plosive shielding.

The KSM11 guarantees that the voices are caught in unmatched clarity, whether a listener is watching a live concert or streaming at home.

State-of-the-art technology

Shure has developed best-in-class audio devices that deliver high-quality performance, durability, and value for over 90 years. As a result, Shure has a unique audio product to meet your needs, whether you’re a performer, audio engineer, broadcaster, speaker, presenter, IT manager, sound contractor, YouTuber, or simply a music fan.

Shure manufactures items that enable you to define your sound, from microphones to headphones to conference equipment. They eliminate equipment difficulties from the equation, allowing you to focus on your message or performance with certainty.

Shure has converted a love for developing amazing microphones and audio devices into a passion with a 90-year history of audio innovation. Shure persists in setting the bar for quality microphones and audio equipment worldwide.

Regardless of whatever Shure microphone you choose, you’ll get the same high-quality audio performance that the industry has relied on for decades. The KSM11 Wireless Vocal Microphone Capsule, with KSM standing for Kondenser Studio Microphone, has the deep lows and crisp mids that dynamic microphones are known for & the high-end detail that condenser mics deliver.

The KSM11 offers artifact-free artist performance thanks to off-axis rejection, capsule shock isolation, and plosive protection. In addition,the KSM series, which is available in black and brushed nickel finishes for use with Shure wireless handheld transmitters, has a lighter, more simplistic design.

The KSM11 transducer features a 3/4-inch gold diaphragm and, quality electronics for dynamic range & specially developed microphone technology for wireless. In addition, the KSM11 faithfully conveys artists’ vocals and produces almost no handling noise thanks to its innovative suspended isolation mechanism.

The KSM11 preserves and sustains the real quality of artist voices for top-tier tour productions, live event recording, and premier streaming, with the trustworthiness that only Shure can give.

The KSM11 also has a dent-resistant hardened steel grille with three stages of plosive reduction pop filtering for reliable, artifact-free voices. It also boasts a deep cardioid polar pattern that eliminates off-axis phase distortion for clear and focused vocal output.

As a result, professional engineers may now design their mixes around a near-perfect portrayal of wireless voice performance rather than EQing by default. The microphone capsule is compatible with all Shure wireless systems that employ replaceable microphone capsules, such as the Axient Digital, ULX-D, and others.

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