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Samsung Sets New Benchmark by Making Industry’s First 12nm-Class DDR5 DRAM

For people who don’t know, Samsung is not only great at the consumer side of things. Their branch, Electronics Co., Ltd., is also an industry leader when it comes to innovation in the world of electronics.

From time to time, they have proven that they are one of the best when it comes to advanced memory technology. Just a couple of months ago, Samsung announced world’s fastest DRAM: LPDDR5X DRAM, with crazy speeds of up to 8.5 Gigabits per second(Gbps).

Making leaps in the area of advanced memory technology again, Samsung just announced the industry’s first 12nm-Class DDR5 DRAM. It is a proud moment for the South Korean tech giant as they once again become the flag bearers of innovation in advanced memory technology.

A Remarkable Announcement by Samsung

On 20 December, Samsung made an exciting announcement that might not be very appealing to general consumers directly but has bright positive implications for everyone in the grand scheme of things. They announced the development of 16-gigabit (Gb) DDR5 DRAM.

The remarkable thing about the development is that the RAM is based on 12-nanometer (nm)-class process technology, making it one of the first ones of its kind in the industry. The great news is Samsung also announced the completion of the product evaluation of the new 12nm-Class DDR5 DRAM for compatibility with AMD.

How Did They Do It?

Achieving this milestone is a big leap for Samsung, and it took years of research and development to make it possible. The brand gives us a walk-through of how it made this big technological lead. Here, a new high-κ material plays a key role in developing this new 12nm-Class DDR5 DRAM.

As per Samsung, the use of this material helps to enhance cell capacitance. They also have a new design technology that enhances the critical circuit characteristics, which is very important in the development process.

This new DRAM also comes with the industry’s highest die density which is made possible through multi-layer extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography. As per Samsung, this technology helps to get an extra 20% in wafer productivity.

What Does It Mean in Terms of Speed?

We all are hearing about how advanced this new DRAM is and what great technology it uses. But how well does it do in terms of speed? Well, the RAM is based on the DDR5 standard, and it is the latest standard. Since it belongs to the 12nm class, the DRAM can reach a crazy speed of 7.2 gigabits per second (Gbps).

Samsung gave us a pretty good comparison to understand the speed. In general terms, the DRAM can process two 30GB UHD movies in just a second. That is a crazy speed in every aspect.

Speed isn’t the only parameter to see how good a RAM is; it should also be power efficient. In that area, this new DRAM shines pretty well too. According to Samsung, it consumes 23% less power than the previous generation.

Who Will Be Using It?

The new 12nm Class DDR5 RAM will be an excellent choice for next-generation computing, data centers, and AI applications. As data centers have an increasing demand for data processing at better efficiency, this technology can help the industry do it efficiently.

After its proper introduction in the market, pretty much all the industries that have a need for high-performance and power-efficient RAMs will be using this new DRAM in their devices to make everything as efficient as possible.

When is it Available?

Samsung says that the mass production of the new 12nm-class DDR5 RAM will kickoff in 2023 but hasn’t given us any definitive time. However, they will start mass production soon as Samsung is a pretty good brand in terms of the development of its products. It will be interesting to see how this new technology will help the devices and industries.

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