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Razer reveals three new streaming hardware in the market

Razer introduced a new range of goods focused on streamers, one of the most well-known PC peripheral manufacturers. They’re all similar to Razer’s recently announced productivity kit, which focuses on subtle aesthetics and quiet keys rather than the customary RGB explosion. The majority of these entries appear to be functional rather than showy.

All three things announced focus today on areas that streamers require for their setups, two of which are particular to the desk and one of which can be used at home or on the go.

The major part would be the new Audio Mixer that dazzles up the whole mood and outer surroundings, along with chroma key illuminations & the Seiren BT. It is an interesting Bluetooth mic that enables you to use it at your desired place.

Razer Audio Mixer

razer audio mixer

The recent Razer Audio Mixer is a standalone streaming device having multiple inputs connected to a single hub. It also has a boosted audio mixing software stack, giving broadcasters unprecedented control levels & seamless sound mixing.

Normally, this degree of control necessitates a complex, tedious, and costly multi-device setup. Still, the Razer Audio Mixer consolidates everything into one simple-to-use, easy-to-set-up, fully adjustable four-channel analog mixer.

Streamers may use the Razer Audio Mixer to handle various audio sources in real-time, balancing volume levels between them, muting channels as needed, and even integrating vocal effects into their streams.

Thanks to immediate IP assistance for the frequent usage of audio connectors. It includes hybrid-XLR (has a Phantom Power of 48 volts), Optical TOS, and TRS Line I/O. The controls are straightforward & fast to set up, assisting each streamer for smooth operation irrespective of tech knowledge.

It gives streamers an added level of control related to a brand and software they’re acquainted with, which might be hard. It’s pricy and quite particular at USD 249.99 or AUD 419.95, but it might be a handy piece of kit to increase the audio quality that’s ideally lovely and easy to use.

Razer Key Light Chroma

razer key light chroma

It is a multi-port device fueled by Razer Chroma RGB. It gives desktop broadcasters unlimited illumination, creating distinctive, entertaining, and interactive light streams. Using the Razer Streaming App or the Razer Synapse 3, streamers may access various lighting settings to sync their lighting to other Chroma RGB-enabled devices.

They can even sync their lighting with broadcast alerts for various effects, allowing them to personalize their streams. It has various appealing features, such as a tiny footprint and a desk clamp, and it may be the most RGB thing Razer has ever manufactured, with 2,800 lumens. It’s not a cheap light at $299.99 or $519, but it offers a few features that may justify the price.

Razer Seiren BT

razer seiren bt

The Razer Seiren Bluetooth microphone is a clip-on lapel mic designed for on-the-go streamers. Many streamers play games while sitting at a desk with a large solo mic, but this changes as streaming become diverse. Cooking broadcasts, IRL streaming, mobile games, exercise streams, virtual reality streams, and more are all available.

It’s an excellent option to have a compact, portable mic that attaches to your clothes. If this omnidirectional mic is as fit for purpose as it promises on the tin, it might be a terrific microphone for all types of content creators at USD 99 or $165.95.

With this new announcement, Razer appears to be tapping into some of the more niche streaming needs. I’m excited to see what we wind up selling for whatever the streamer of the future decides to do for entertainment.

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