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MSI Launches a New Motherboard – MEG Z690 GODLIKE

MSI is considered to be one of the best brands for PC gaming. Their gaming laptops and other accessories for custom towers are the best when it comes to gaming. With the launch of 12th Gen Core Processors from Intel, MSI also launched a lot of motherboards.

But this final one in the Z690 series of motherboards is launched recently and it is called the MEG Z690 GODLIKE. As the name suggests, MEG Z690 GODLIKE is MSI’s best gaming motherboard in the Z690 series.

It is aimed to provide users with the best and most epic experience on their custom-built PCs. The motherboard can handle overclocking like a piece of cake and it comes with highly customizable ARGB lighting along with a touch-enabled LCD dashboard to control the lighting.

So it doesn’t matter if the users want to overclock their processors, have the best lighting computer tower, or just have the most powerful PC in the community, the MEG Z690 can handle them all like a pro.

Premium Cooling Solutions

On the aesthetic side of things, the MEG Z690 GODLIKE comes covered in a dark color with full aluminum heatsink. To make it more aesthetically pleasing, it has a triangular grid pattern. Then there is the illuminating dragon nebula with tempered glass. This creates a stunning RGB effect that is not present on any other motherboards out there.

Apart from the aesthetics, the motherboard is quite efficient in terms of cooling as well. Under the heatsink and tempered glass, users get several cooling solutions to keep the motherboard under control during intense sessions. You get a Dual Cross Heat-pipe that connects two MOS heatsinks.

Then there is the Wavy Fin Design that comes with 7W/mK Thermal Pad making it the best for heat dissipation.

To keep the temperate down for M.2 slots, you get Magnetic Double-sided M.2 Shield Frozr.

M-Vision Dashboard

Another key highlight of the MEG Z690 GODLIKE is the first-ever built-in touch-enabled LCD- the M-Vision dashboard. Using this3.5-inch IPS LCD display, users can control a lot of things directly from it. The dashboard can help you with hardware monitoring, reading debug codes, etc.

Connecting and setting up the M-Vision Dashboard is super easy as it comes with disassemble magnetic design. The M-Vision Dashboard is quite advanced and can operate independently when you connect it with the GODLIKE rear USB port. Also, you can keep it anywhere on your desk or just put it on the front of your case with no issues at all. This is truly a futuristic feature exclusive to the MEG Z690 GODLIKE.

Next Level Power Solution & Storage Performance

To push the new processors to their limits the MEG Z690 GODLIKE comes with an extreme power solution. It has Direct 20+2 Phases combined with 105A Smart Power Stage. On top of that, there are dual 8-pin power connectors that come with MSI’s exclusive Core Boost technology. Then there is also 8 Layer Server Grade with 2oz Copper PCB.

To give the best storage capabilities to the users, the MEG Z690 GODLIKE comes with 6x M.2 connectors with one Lightning Gen 5 solution. This will allow gamers to play at ultra-high speeds without any lag.

Major Features

  • Comes with a 10G Super LAN
  • Latest WiFI 6E with MSI LAN Manager
  • Latest USB 4.0
  • Dual Thunderbolt 4
  • 2 Lightning PCIe 5.0 Slots
  • Latest DDR5 Memory
  • 2 Front USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 20G Type-C
  • Audio Boost 5 HD
  • MSI Center software

Closing Phrase

The MEG Z690 GODLIKE is one of the most powerful motherboards and MSI says that this is a limited quality product. People who have bought any previous generation of GODLIKE or people who bought graphics cards from the MSI RTX 3080 or 3090 series will get priority qualification.

To make this limited edition motherboard more remarkable, the motherboard will come with a MEG CORELIQUID S360 liquid cooler, 2X KINGSTON FURY BEAST DDR5 16G RAM sticks.

What do you think of the new MEG Z690 GODLIKE and how many of you are going to buy it?

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