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MSI Introduces Optix MAG281URF 4K UHD Gaming Monitor

MSI has always been known for its bold innovations in gaming products and has emerged as a globally leading producer of gaming hardware. The global giant is expanding its hardware possibilities further to cater to the unique requirements of every gamer.

MSI, this time, has proudly announced the launch of the all-new 4K UHD gaming monitor, Optix MAG281URF, with advanced less blue light technology along with the brand’s proprietary KVM technology.

Embarking a New Era of Gaming

The new gaming monitor – Optix MAG281URF – has a well-equipped 4K resolution panel with a 144Hz refresh rate. Thanks to the HDMI 2.1 that helps to reach this desired resolution & refresh rate.

Besides such, the monitor is packed with MSI’s Less Blue Light Premium function, responsible for reducing harmful light-emitting wavelengths. This built-in hardware solution is EYESAFE certificated and is also entitled to maintain Color Gamut and Color temperature, thereby displaying a flawless picture quality.

msi optix mag281urf

In addition to the advanced blue light technology, MSI’s KVM functions with a game-friendly design. The function permits gamers to control a pair of devices simultaneously with a single keyboard and mice connected to the monitor and allows the transfer of files under PBP modes.

The Optix MAG281URF has a truly outstanding color range, apart from the technological features. More than 90% of gaming monitors are underperformed when compared to DCI-P3 95% and sRGB 124%.

The HDR brightness has been raised to 400 Nits and allows gamers to enjoy a far better and improved gaming performance with the HDR 400. The wildest dream of every gamer is to play at 4K resolution with a large refresh rate is no longer a dream.

With the development of new technologies and the manufacture of next-gen consoles and advanced PCs with even improved features, the dream has been made possible now. With the MSI Optix MAG281URF, gamers get a great option to relive the once-unattainable dream.

The global gaming giant is always moving, progressing, and bringing in further improvement. With time, MSI will continue to challenge itself and welcome new and enhanced architecture of gaming monitors, revolutionizing the gaming world while always staying ahead of their competitors in the industry.

Additional Features

The 4K UHD gaming introduced by MSI is truly a breathtaking feeling compared to FHD gaming, as it presents a wider, clear, and much detailed image that has never been witnessed before.

It is always disturbing for gamers when the screen goes yellow upon using less blue light. But with the advanced Less Blue Light function, MSI has launched a hardware solution that can eliminate the blue-violet segment of the blue light spectrum without modifying the quality of any color or picture.

Also, with the KVM technology, gamers can control and transfer files between connected devices via a pair of keyboards, mice, and a monitor. Additionally, there is a Rapid IPS Panel to offer an ultra-fast GTG response time of 1ms without compromising the intensity and purity of the colors.

G-SYNC compatibility lets gamers challenge any game without any shuttering or artifacts and match the frame and refresh rates. With a wide color gamut, gamers will see more realistic details and enjoy an immersive gaming experience. The HDR 400-VESA certified display, and gamers can witness an eye-catching detail via contrast and shadow adjustment.

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