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MSI Collaborates with EVANGELION e: PROJECT to build a Gaming PC

Usually, we see two types of collaborations in the tech world. The first ones are kind of gimmicks that are merely promotional, like Apple and Hermes for example. Then there are some true collaborations where two tech brands come together to bring out some exciting stuff.

The collaboration between MSI and EVANGELION e: PROJECT (EVA e:PROJECT) could be put into the second category as it is a world-renowned gaming hardware company collaborating with a popular eSports brand EVANGELION e: PROJECT.

This collaboration is going to allow users to build a custom Evangelion Unit-01 (also known as Eva-01 Test Type) themed PC. So all the Evangelion fans can truly rejoice.

For those who do not know about EVANGELION e: PROJECT, it is a fairly new eSports brand that is focused on Evangelion and reflects its theme into its gaming devices and other peripherals.

The reason why this collab is in highlights is that it is kind of a first eSports collab of the brand and that too with a brand like MSI.

To give a little context, the design of this new EVANGELION e:PROJECT collab products gets its inspiration from the original “EVA-01 TEST TYPE” of EVANGELION.

So you are going to see the iconic green and purple colors on the MSI X EVA collection. There are four products in the collection:

  • A Motherboard
  • Power Supply Unit
  • A PC Case
  • AIO Liquid Cooler

So all the Evangelion fans can truly enjoy now and get these parts to make the EVA-01 TEST TYPE-inspired gaming PC!

More About the MSI X EVA Collection!

msi mag b660 tomahawk eva e-project motherboard


The new MAG B660 TOMAHAWK EVA e:PROJECT motherboard has to be one of the most stunning motherboards you have ever seen. Its iconic blue color and then the text on the motherboard just make it so much appealing.

If you look at the Extended Heatsink then you will also see the popular ‘NERV’ logo. Then there is the official EVANGELION font visible on the entire motherboard.

To make it perfect for the theme, MSI also gives you the option to get the EVA lighting effect with the Mystic Light. By linking your RBG with a single click, you can just display the stunning EVANGELION colors.

msi mag coreliquid c240 eva e-project all-in-one (aio) liquid cooler

MAG CORELIQUID C240 EVA e-PROJECT All-In-One (AIO) Liquid Cooler

The next product on the list is the MAG CORELIQUID C240 EVA e:PROJECT All-in-One (AIO) Liquid Cooler. It also follows the EVA-01 TEST TYPE design for the most part.

There is stunning ARGB lighting with a hint of purple on the water block and it just looks stunning. Just like the motherboard, this one also has the NERV logo on it.

msi mag a650bn eva e-project power supply unit

MAG A650BN EVA e-PROJECT Power Supply Unit

Talk about attention to detail and MSI has just nailed it with this collab. Even the MAG A650BN EVA e:PROJECT Power Supply Unit (PSU) comes with the whole iconic EVANGELION theme. You get the same purple and green highlights outside the fan grill of this PSU which just compliments the theme perfectly.

msi mpg gungnir 110r eva e-project pc case


All of the above products of the MSI X EVA collection would not mean much without the MPG GUNGNIR 110R EVA e-PROJECT PC case.

It looks sleek and reminds you of the EVA-01 TEST TYPE with all the green and purple colors on it. Then you also get the official Evangelion font on the side tempered glass panel which looks just stunning. And on the other side also you get the EVA-01 TEST TYPE illustration.

There are some contests and quests that MSI is going to conduct as a part of this collab and winners are eligible to win the latest Intel 12th Gen Processors. Not only that, but they can also win the Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 memory and build an EVANGELION-themed PC. All of the parts of the EVANGELION e:PROJECT collab will be available from May.

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