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Logitech G Unveils the Official League of Legends Gaming Gear

Logitech is a leading innovator of gaming technologies and, with the Riot Games partnership, has unveiled a series of gaming collectibles, the League of Legends PC gear. Riot Games, founded in 2006, develops the most Player-centric games across the world.

The debut title, League of Legends, was released in 2009, which has emerged as the most played PC game globally while driving the global growth of esports. With its culmination in the 2nd decade, the gaming studio evolved the PC game to deliver novel experiences to gamers, with Logitech G being the latest.

Evolved design of the Gaming Gear

The leading gaming technology offers similar high Performance, and the one global gamer is suited well. This collaboration is exclusively designed with the League of Legends Hextech, the magical technology embedded in the Gaming Gear products.

The suite of products include;

  • Logitech G PRO X Gaming headset
  • Logitech G PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • Logitech G PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • Logitech G840 XL Gaming Mouse Pad

The League of Legends presents gamers a whole new experience like that of the real world, exclusively built to provide pro-level products with cutting-edge technologies, along with the iconic Hextech designs.

The suite products come in special League colors, delivering a unique gaming collection and inspiring transcendental gameplay. Hextech is a magic-imbued technology, empowering the regions of Pitover and Zaun.

It combines the multilayered geometry of Art Deco-inspired architecture with the magical and mystical power, combining modern with fantastic.

The official design of the gaming brand presents Hextech as an empowering and guiding entity to the gamers. The partnership has been successful in enhancing the gamer experience and bringing the game to life.

The novel and magical Pro-level suite ensure a remarkable gaming experience by translating the Hextech technology into a suite of sleek and Performance-driven products.

New Performance-driven Products Suite

The gaming suite offers sleek products, including a Gaming headset, Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Wireless Gaming Mouse, and Gaming Mouse pad.

The PRO X gaming headset of the latest League edition was developed to inspire the gamers and was designed exclusively to enhance the tournament-level competitions.

league of legends pro x gaming headset

Built on the PRO X technology, especially for the Esports pros, the gaming headset is featured to deliver remarkable comfort and durability, a chic Blue VOICE technology for unearthly communications, and a 7.1 surround sound delivering paramount immersion and clarity.

Alongside, the PRO Mechanical Gaming keyboard presents a compact design that reduces the tablespace for low-sense mousing.

league of legends pro x gaming keyboard

The keyboard further features durable GX Brown Tactile Switches that offer clear feedback without loud sound or distractions. It also features programmable LIGHT SYNC RGB with built-in memory, allowing players keyboard customization while storing lighting to tournament patterns.

The PRO wireless mouse of the League of Legends Edition features LIGHTSPEED Wireless with an ultra-light design and HERO 25K pixel-perfect aiming sensor. It presents customizable and detachable buttons for professional-level control and precision.

league of legends pro wireless gaming mouse

The gear also provides a G840 XL Gaming Mouse pad, bringing the Summoner’s rift to your desk. With its generous 900mm X 400mm format, it delivers a consistent and stable height of 3mm, avoiding interference from mouse movement, offering maximum options for game configuration simultaneously.

league of legends g840 gaming mousepad

The Legend of League collection is more than a gaming setup, forged by magical and mystic powers, designed by science, and wielded by legends. The gaming gear products are available at LogitechG.com separately.

The PRO X Gaming Headset League of Legends Edition is available at 129.99 USD, and the PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard League of Legends Edition is on sale for 129.99 USD. The PRO Wireless Mouse League of Legends Edition comes at 129.99 USD, and the Logitech G840 XL Gaming Mouse Pad League of Legends Edition is available at 49.99 USD.

Source: Logitech

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