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Logitech G Unveils G303 Shroud Edition Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech collaborated with former pro gamer and gaming streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, redeveloping the gamers’ all-time favorite Logitech G303 wireless mouse, introducing the G303 shroud edition gaming mouse.

The new and redesigned gaming mouse has been engineered meeting shroud’s exact specification to deliver maximum performance, as per the requirements of the deck.

Logitech G is a leading innovator of gaming gear and technologies, a global leader in PC and gaming consoles. A brand of Logitech International, Logitech G brings all forms of keyboards, headsets, mouse, mousepads, and a range of simulation products built with innovative designs and advanced technologies.

logitech g g303 shroud edition

This time, by partnering with global one of the most popular gaming streamers, Logitech G has introduced the new gaming mouse based on Shroud’s specific demands.

According to Shroud, getting the opportunity to build a gaming mouse while collaborating with Logitech was a dream coming true. With the vision of his all-time favorite mouse, they developed the perfect mouse for him. Shroud describes his experience with the brand as exceptional, and he proudly waits to bring the mouse to all his fans.

Logitech G and Shroud have introduced the unique design through collaboration, working with various models and tools. Leveraging the most advanced and pro-grade technology, Shroud has given the mouse the perfect fit and geometry, exact to his specifications.

Shroud is renowned for his insane gaming skills and carefree attitude, considered one of the most prolific gaming streamers on Twitch. Being a competitive professional CSGO star, Shroud proclaimed global fame by turning his streaming side-gig to a career option post-retirement from professional play. With his calm and nice nature, Shroud is one of the most popular creators in Twitch.

Popular for his self-acknowledged and acclaimed wireless enthusiasm, Shroud loves everything about the G303 wireless gaming mouse. Logitech has worked closely with the gaming magnate, holding deep discussions to understand the possible ways to improve the original G303, according to his preferences.

Logitech G enhanced the architecture, repositioned the side buttons, modified the location of the switch, manipulated weight, and integrated subtle markings for perfect finger grip, designing the perfect mouse that Shroud loves.

G303 Enhancements

The redesigned wireless mouse – G303 Shroud Edition presents LIGHTSPEED, featuring an ultra-low latency with maximum reliability in performance. Moreover, the mouse is integrated with the signature HERO 25K sensor of Logitech G, delivering enhanced precision and speed without compromising energy.

Logitech even included subtle markings according to Shroud’s finger grip positions and implemented side panels and USB-C connections, satisfying every specification that Shroud desired.

Packed in an ultra-lightweight body, weighing only 75grams, the mouse is robust, displaying maximum comfort, enabling faster aiming and low sensitivity DPI. Bringing a 145 hours battery life, the wireless G303 – Shroud Edition comes in black, offering an exceptional gaming experience.

With exceptional design and upgrades, Logitech promises to provide users with a game-changing experience, exuding high tech performance by leveraging the best-in-class technologies, a perfect mouse for shroud fans. The G303 Shroud Edition gaming mouse is estimated to be retail from October 2021, available at a price range of USD129.99 MSRP.

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