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LG sets a new standard with its new HU915QE CineBeam Premium Projector

LG has launched a new flagship geared at “serious movie enthusiasts,” the HU915QE, following the HU715Q CineBeam 4K ultra-short-throw projector launch. The new projector offers a precise ratio, a 3-type laser light o/p, enhanced picture sharpness & an in-built sound device.

The HU915QE is a short-throw projector that can project 90-inch displays only 2 inches away from the wall, bigger than even the best 4K TVs. You may achieve a 120-inch screen by pushing it back to seven inches from the wall.

The LG HU915QE vertical projector has improved color accuracy. It is, however, one of LG’s most expensive video devices.

Vibrant and Even More Realistic Pictures

LG’s latest flagship home theatre solution, intended with serious movie fans in mind, may create a wonderfully sharp 90-inch picture when put just 5.6 cm from the ceiling or a gigantic 120-inch image when placed only 18.3 cm away.

lg cinebeam hu915qe

Instead of employing a colorful structure similar to several other DLP systems, the HU915QE achieves 94% occupancy of the surrounding DCI-P3 color space with a 3-way laser source light-green, blue & red for each laser. Also, this light source is expected to last for 20,000 hours.

LG CineBeam HU915QE features superior projection technology that has been greatly improved. It prevents the colors from appearing washed out to the viewer. It got a scale of 3.7K ANSI version & a contrast feature of 2000000:1, resulting in lifelike color reproduction on the wall.

The HU915QE is a great all-rounder that shines when playing movies and streaming material in 4K HDR, with HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping analyzing and adjusting image brightness every frame. HDR10 & HLG seamless function is supported in 4K UHD movies & the HDR has a seamless audio locating system that modifies picture brightness by each frame for sharp visuals.

Stylish and Eco-friendly

With its eco-friendly ‘Re-wool’ developed by acclaimed Danish textile firm, Kvadrat, the revolutionary CineBeam projector also makes an attractive complement to any room. This material has got 45 percent recycled wool, has become a favorite of aesthetic and sustainability-conscious enterprises worldwide & is utilized in products as disparate as furniture and high-end audio systems.

The HU915QE mixes nicely with upscale home d├ęcor thanks to its subdued, natural hue and simple design. Last but not least, the HU915QE includes LG’s Brightness Optimizer II engine, which intelligently adjusts light output according to ambient lighting conditions in the room.

They are fantastic features for a high-end projector such as this one, and cinephiles should be impressed. The LG HU915QE is powered by webOS, which allows you can access all of your favorite streaming services, including Netflix.

Screen mirroring, Apple’s AirPlay 2 & a pair of USB 2.0 connections for extra multimedia supply possibilities are also included. The projector offers an embedded 40W 2.2 seamless speaker or a trio of HDMI eARC connectors to make the most of your home theatre sound setup.

Users can merge 2 LG Bluetooth audio speakers for a more robust, cinematic sound experience. LG CineBeam 4K laser system (model HU915QE) with UST technology will be accessible in the 1st half of 2022.

Major turnover is in northern regions of America, Europe & the Middle East lead the way, continued by Latin America & Asia. Although no official pricing for either projector has been released, online merchants are currently taking pre-orders for the HU915QE at $5,996.

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