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Fujifilm Launches new FP-Z6000 Projector

The Z-series projectors are intended for installation in locations where limited space could make it impossible to use more traditional projectors. An innovative ultra-short-throw projector from Fujifilm with a cool revolving lens was first shown off in 2018 before being formally introduced as the FP-Z5000 in 2019.

In 2021, a brighter model was introduced & the business this time added another model to the middle of its Z-series series. In the end, Fujifilm Corporation has introduced the latest FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z6000 (FP-Z6000) that got added to the Z-Series projectors.

Fujifilm revealed the development of the projector early in May and announced the launch date to be in late July. It features the first “folded two-axial rotating lens” in the world. The FP-Z6000 boasts a high brightness of 6000 lumens and the most compact and lightweight design in its class.

Due to its ability to fling huge images from a near distance and project images in various directions without shifting the primary unit, it is not constrained by physical space to fit different spatial designs.

For Versatile Applications

Applications for projectors have grown in recent years, moving beyond business presentations or video projection in offices and educational settings to include spatial design in commercial buildings, museums, and art galleries.

With its unique optical technology, Fujifilm continues to create and offer projectors with few installation restrictions, meeting the needs of various users. The new projector got a weightless model with higher compatibility features.

The device is 460mm x 510mm x 162.5mm3 in size and weighs 17.5kg. Due to its ability to project enormous pictures from a near distance and to move them within a wide vertical and horizontal range, the FP-Z6000 is also free from space restrictions to support highly immersive spatial designs.

To reduce aberrations and image distortion, Fujifilm used its optics expertise to create a two-axial rotatable lens composed of large-diameter aspherical and spherical elements. For “omnidirectional picture projection without changing the main projector unit,” the lens unit has a projection arm that can turn by 90 degrees and a lens unit that can rotate 360°.

Other Features

The projector can project 100-inch images with the TR value of 0.34 while sitting 72 cm away from the projection wall. Users can easily project images onto ceilings, floors, and other surfaces in addition to walls and displays because of the flexibility to toss images in numerous directions.

It can also create an immersive environment by concealing the main device and displaying only the lens area. The visuals may be toggled from landscape to portrait orientation “without changing the location of the main unit or lens direction” because of its 70 percent vertical and 35 percent horizontal lens-shift capability.

A 1.1x optical zoom is also included for further modifying the projected images. The Lens Shift feature can utilize this optical zoom capacity to enable efficient image changes. The “Two-Group Focusing Mechanism” adopted by the FP-Z6000 allows the projector to independently alter the focus of an image’s core and periphery.

Even when users adjust the position of projected images using the Lens-Shift feature, the projector can still concentrate images from their center to their periphery thanks to the Two-Group Focusing Mechanism.

Available in two colors – black and white It can be positioned either vertically or horizontally depending on the installation location, allowing for an effective spatial design that uses otherwise wasted space.

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