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TCL Roku TVs All Set to Launch in Australia

If you are someone living in Australia, then this news might excite you. The much-awaited TCL Roku TV models are all set to launch in Australia. In a recent announcement, both Roku and TCL Electronics announced that they would be launching the new TCL Roku TV models in the Australian region pretty soon.

Roku is already one of the best smart TV makers in the world, and now that they will be launching their Roku TV experience in the Australian region. This means that all the people from Australia will have new variants they can choose from.

TCL Roku TV Models in Australia

As mentioned earlier, Roku and TCL Electronics are providing new options for Australian consumers by launching their new TV models in the region. These TVs will be 4K UHD in resolution and will be available in two screen sizes: 55 and 65-inch.

Roku is already one of the smart best TV makers in the world, and now they will be making a solid presence in the Australian market with TCL Electronics. Roku TVs are known for their effortless smart TV experience. In fact, Roku TVs are a go-to choice for people who want a new smart TV.

This is mainly because Roku TVs are far more customizable than any of the standard smart TV. Users can watch live TV, stream channels, or watch content on OTT platforms. So this allows users to get a more personalized TV experience.

Watching TV is all about being immersed in it, and Roku creates that immersive experience in an efficient manner. For Australian users, Roku aims to bring the same level of TV experience.

An interesting feature that all Roku TV models in Australia will have is Freeview. This feature allows users to watch all terrestrial (DVB-T) free-to-air TV. So users will get channels like ABC, SBS, 7, 9, and 10 for free.

New Partnership with TCL Electronics

Roku’s International VP, Arthur van Rest expressed his thoughts on their partnership with TCL Electronics. He said that TCL Electronics embraced Roku TV, and they are very “excited” to lead this new partnership on a global scale. Australia is the starting point of the partnership between these two brands. The VP also highlighted how Roku TV models are great for doing everything from watching live TV to streaming content.

Watch Content All You Want

All the TCL Roku TV models for Australia will come with the Roku Channel Store. So users can get thousands of free and paid streaming channels on their smart TVs.

At the time of the launch, the Australian version of the Channel Store will have all the famous streaming apps that people commonly use. This includes apps like Netflix, Disney+, Paramount+, BritBox, and Prime Video. Furthermore, it will also have the popular local service called Stan plus broadcasters 9Now and 7plus. Over time, more streaming services will join the Channel Store in Australian Roku models.

Roku Pay will provide users to sign up and get trials and subscriptions simply by using the remote control. So overall, users will have a lot of fun options for entertainment.

Roku TVs also come with the Roku mobile app, which is free and unlocks many cool features. Users can use it like a remote, conduct searches, and even use it for private listening. The mobile app can also be used for sharing media from the phone to the TV. Then it also supports Miracast and Airplay 2 for screen mirroring. So the mobile app is a fun thing to have handy.

Pricing and Availability

Both Roku and TCL Electronics have announced that the first batch of TCL Roku TVs will be coming this month. There will be two screen sizes: 55 and 65-inch. The pricing information has yet to be made available. But TCL should announce the pricing of the TVs real soon. Some more TV options with Roku will be great for Australian consumers.

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