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TCL Breeva Home Air Purifiers: The latest addition to its Home Comfort Portfolio

Renowned as one of the best-selling television brands and technology companies worldwide, TCL has launched its new Breeva home air purifiers. With its inaugural line of air purifiers, it tries to make a place in the home comfort portfolio of the brand.

The global-leading brand expands its award-winning portfolio with new air purifiers, introducing Breeva models that promise to protect against harmful air pollutants, microbes, and much more.

The Breeva products are modified to deliver clean and fresh air to users by leveraging advanced methods in air purification.

Delivering Joy and Simplicity with Breeva

Being a leading home appliances manufacturer, TCL brings one of the highest True HEPA ratings in the new line of Breeva purifiers, ensuring a better and fresher environment for everyone.

The TCL purifiers Breeva A1, A2, A3, and A5, come up with a sleek design featuring a three-step purification system. The filters are integrated with top-notch technology to filter air five times in an hour.

To eliminate up to 99.97% of microbes in the air, further improving the air quality inside the home. Select models of Breeva come with Anion and UV-C sterilization technology, ensuring a better cleaning of air from finer particles and harmful microbes.

Most models of the Breeva series present smart Wi-Fi connectivity, bringing users the ability to control the air purifiers through three different modes: voice assistants, TCL home app, and TCL home console, the newest addition to exude convenience and user ease.

TCL home console can control the purifiers, available on many TCL televisions, enabling users to control Breeva while watching favorite shows. The quick panel display in the console allows users to view the device status without disrupting the program, and the device control page offers convenience in controlling the devices.

Breeva Model Features

tcl breeva a1c a2 a3 a5 air purifiers

TCL Breeva A5 air purifier brings the signature home air-defense package of TCL, designed with a 360° intake tower, cleaning the air in a 365ft² room in 12 minutes, and within 30 minutes in rooms up to 883ft². Featuring a Breeva Shield Plus 5-Stage Filtration System, A5 protects the home from breathing in anything, from finer particles to even VOCs.

The purifier is equipped with a Pre-Filter, trapping dust particles, a True HEPA Filter that removes mold and harmful molecules, and an activated charcoal filter that offers protection against smokes and VOCs.

Using Anion and UV-C sterilization technology, Breeva A5 removes bacteria and other microbes. Moreover, a robust auto shield mode got equipped with laser dust and a VOC sensor. Breeva A5 uses an advanced air quality system, measuring the quality and optimizing the purification.

Breeva A3 Smart air purifier comes with a protection package, purifying rooms up to 246ft2 within 12 minutes, and bigger rooms up to 596ft2 in 30 minutes.

Equipped with the similar Breeva Shield Plus 5-Stage Filtration System, the A3 leverages filters and sterilization technologies to deliver joy with clean air. A3 further offers an intuitive user experience via the TCL app over its auto shield mode.

TCL Breeva A2 utilizes the sophisticated Shield 4- Stage purification process. The three filters and Anion Technology purify a 182 ft² to 441 ft² room effectively. The artful design makes it a perfect one for bedrooms or home offices.

With an additional humidifier, the air purifier has independent sensors – infrared dust and VOC, monitoring the air quality with purification process optimization, under auto shield mode.

Finally, the A1 Smart Filter uses a three-stage purification process, protecting rooms up to 161 ft2 in only 12 minutes while 322 ft2 in only 30 minutes. The A1/A1W presents a colorful ambient light, bringing new life to clean air.

Delivering joy and simplicity to users, the brand-new line of the TCL Breeva series is available at the nearest retailer, with prices ranging from $199 for A5, $179 for A3, while A2 and A1 are at $149 and $49.99.

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