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Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is set to hit the globe in January 2022

Samsung Electronics Co. & Ltd announced the launch of its brand-new Galaxy tab A8 engineered to optimize your everyday routine. The creators regard it as one of the most powerful and streamlined Tab A series devices, packed with an impressive screen outlook, dynamic performance, and power.

All this is packed into a slim and lightweight design, made exclusively to help you learn, connect, and seek entertainment. This captivating portable experience matches the user’s daily lifestyle, routine, and budget, by seamlessly syncing with the other Galaxy devices to form a well-built ecosystem.

Matthew Leem, the vice president of Global Brand Marketing Group, mentioned that devices like this are an innovation in a world where the new norm is remote working and online connectivity. In this way, tablets have become an indispensable device for the masses.

The brand-new Samsung New Galaxy Tab A8 can be used for office work, attending online classes, and performing other activities. It comes with excellent new features that are hard to ignore and offer connectivity on a different level altogether.

Enhanced User Experience

The tab using experience begins with the signature feel and design of the Tab S series. The screen has a stretchable slim-type bezel of 10.5 inches and a common aspect ratio of 16:10 in total.

samsung galaxy tab a8 colors

The result is 80% screen to body for an immersive viewing experience than the previous models. It has quad speakers with Dolby Atmos for a rich surround system that has unmatched clarity & realism.

Owners can access Samsung TV Plus and 200+ free channels for on-demand entertainment. You can enjoy adding free YouTube Premium for new users to watch uninterrupted videos.

Galaxy Tab A8 shows powered pack performance with increased GPU and CPU power, eliminating lagging. Plus, you can enjoy several tiers of storage options like 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB.

The expandable microSD card features up to 1TB space, while a 7040 mAh battery offers fast-charging up to 15W. This way, you can stream for hours on end without losing power.

Unlimited Security

Galaxy Tab A8 delivers a productive experience enhanced by the open Galaxy ecosystem. You can enjoy interactive and robust educational content with the option of parental control for safe viewing and engaging learning.

Users get access to instant snapshots of the device use and activity, set goals for screen timing, and track the progress. You can personalize the content for your kids with colorful schemes and icons, thanks to Samsung’s partnership with the leading content partners.

The device is perfect for multitasking because it gives you the feature of splitting the screen into two. You can use two apps side by side and add a pop-up window – a great benefit for users.

Another attractive feature of the tablet is the drag and split feature, automatically opening into the second browser window. It enables you to indulge in dynamic webpage browsing.

Galaxy Tab A8 has a 5MP front camera, an 8MP rear camera, and another brand-new screen recorder feature. You can self-record your voice, make annotations, highlight key points, or even write on the screen with this. All this facilitates better understanding and focus.

Last but not least, the Knox security platform powers the device with multi-layer protection. The face recognition feature ensures that ‘only the owners’ get access to the device. Real-time protection is also ensured from the core software to avert threats. It makes the device user-friendly.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the available device in Silver, Grey, and New Pink Gold variants. It is all set to launch in the online markets by January 2022.

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