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Stream Deck + is the New Power Tool For Content Creators from Elgato

If you are a professional content creator, then there is some excellent news for you from Elgato. They recently announced the new Stream Deck +, their latest product in their popular tactile control interface devices. Elgato was acquired by CORSAIR in 2018, and the brand is quite prominent in the world of gaming.

It is no secret that Elgato makes some of the best hardware and software solutions for content creators. In fact, it is a go-to choice for many content creators for their workflow. With the new Stream Deck +, creators will have more tap, turn, and touch features.

All New Elgato Stream Deck +

As mentioned earlier, Elgato is a pretty famous brand for hardware and software solutions for content creators. Their Stream Deck lineup is one of the most popular series of devices that the brand sells. Now, they are adding the all-new Stream Deck + to the lineup. This new tactile control interface comes with all the futuristic elements that users have wanted for a while.

There are LCD keys, dials, and a touch strip as well. So now, users have many new ways to create a more intuitive workflow. Talking about the general specifications of the new Stream Deck +, it features eight LCD kets, four push dials, and a dynamic touch strip. Users can make any number of combinations with these components and get a lot of work done. All of the buttons and dials allow for smoother control of audio, video, lighting, and any other aspect.

Seamless Usability

With the new Stream Deck +, users will get 100 ready-made app plugins. With many mapping options, users can optimize their workflow in many ways. So if you are a content creator, a podcaster, or an editor, there is so much you can get done with this new device at your disposal.

The integration with Elgato software makes it easy for creators to get professional control over their workflow. It provides access to tools like the Camera Hub, Control Center, and Wave Link virtual mixer. So professionals can control VST effects like EQ, compression, or reverb.

Customizable LCD Keys and A Dynamic Touch Strip

The new Stream Deck + also brings eight LCD keys and a dynamic touch strip. Users can seamlessly personalize these keys and strips with tons of icon packs and backgrounds.

Not only that, but users also can change the dials and refit them with gold or silver caps if they want.

Just like any other Stream Deck device, users can play tons of music tracks and sound effects using the LCD keys that can be customized at any time. The Stream Deck + can interface with your Mac or Windows PC using a USB-C to USB-A cable, which comes in the box and works seamlessly with any setup.

Easy Customization

The companion Stream Deck software makes it easy for users to configure Stream Deck + as per their needs. Users can simply drag and drop the plugin actions on the LCD keys and dials on the software. The best thing is that users can create different configurations for different apps or workflows. So with just a simple tap, users can control many actions.

Then there are the dials that can be configured for various actions, and the touch strip displays real-time dial information. Just like the keys, the dials can be mapped for different actions for different apps or workflows.

Pricing and Availability

The new Steam Deck + comes at a handsome price of USD 199.99. However, it is pretty sweet if you consider the features that it brings for the users. Interested consumers can buy the new Elgato Stream Deck right away all over the world via authorized dealers and distributors.

The best thing is that this device comes with a two-year warranty. On top of that, users will also get access to CORSAIR & Elgato’s worldwide customer service and technical support network.

This is a niche product and only suitable for people who have the requirement for it. That is mainly professional creators who do podcasting, editing, and stuff along those lines. People genuinely love Elgato’s products, and the Stream Deck lineup is quite popular. So this product should do really well in the market, but we will have to see.

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