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Sony adds New Products to its Mobile ES line-up

Sony Electronics is a brand with headquarters in San Diego, California. Consumer and professional electronics, automotive electronics & stereo equipment are among the company’s strengths.

Since its founding in 1957 as Sony Group Corporation, the firm has grown to become one of the world’s leading entertainment companies. It has a diverse portfolio that includes music, gadgets, motion pictures, gaming, mobile, financial services, and robots.

You’re not alone if you recall the Sony Mobile ES branding. Back in the day, the term was used for a line of automotive audio CD receivers. They were once some of the top-of-the-line receivers, widely sought after by audiophiles.

Sony was repurposing it for a new series of automotive audio speakers. In 2021, Sony Corporation, a well-known company for car entertainment, introduced its Mobile ES series of devices. While these weren’t your usual in-car entertainment audio systems, they did contain the necessary components, such as a subwoofer and speakers. The ‘ES’ in the name denotes elevated standards.

The first product line consisted of one subwoofer and three types of speakers: the XS-160ES (16cm coaxial), XS-162ES (16cm 2way component), XS-690ES (16×20 cm coaxial), and the XS-W104ES (25cm sub-woofer).

As we learned more about the new product, it’s evident that Sony had raised the bar for in-car entertainment, allowing you to listen to your favorite music while also changing the surroundings and raising your mood.

So, what were the user’s thoughts on the five things on offer? First and foremost, Sony put much effort into design and manufacturing. Thanks to the high-quality materials and structural construction, these speakers were sure to deliver the sound we were looking for.

Second, the price is significantly lower than we anticipated. Sure, these speakers weren’t the cheapest way to replace your car system, but they did deliver superior sound without breaking the bank.

Introducing Elite Quality Mobile ES Sound Products

In 2022, Sony Electronics Inc. unveiled the recent edition of deluxe Mobile ES car subwoofer, speaker & amplifier offerings. The newest addition includes:

  • XS-W122ES (12″ 2-ohm Subwoofer)
  • XS-W124ES (12″ 4-ohm Subwoofer)
  • XS-163ES (6 1/2″ 3-way Component Speakers)
  • XS-692ES (6 x 9″ 2-way Component Speakers)
  • XM-5ES (5-Way Power Amplifier)
  • XM-4ES (4-way Power Amplifier)
  • XM-1ES (Solo Power Amplifier)

Sony’s latest automotive audio products offer a greater entertainment portfolio of high sound and smooth usability. The subwoofers around a Sony-developed technique with dedicated curved edges that enhance slanting amplitude symmetry, creating lowered distortion levels & advanced clarity.

The incorporated Dynamic Air Diffuser enables optimal air circulation, while the five-beam frame design redistributes resonance. With a shape engineered for more quick and precise padding of the speaker cone, the acoustically tuned spider enables increased power handling and airflow.

The speaker entails similar features as the subwoofers, are suited for High Audio, and feature optimized, low-resistance film capacitors for true high reproduction, as well as resonance damping phase plugs that help achieve perfect frequency response.

The power amplifiers are also compatible with high audio. A highly efficient Class-D amplifier with rationally organized settings makes in-car music easier to understand and utilize. A new signal summing feature, an elevated Speaker Terminal, and combined pre-outs have been added to provide uncompromising sound quality with simple installation features.

The subwoofers XS-W122ES and 124ES come at a retail price of $299.99, while the XS-163ES and XS-692ES will be available at $599.99 and $499.99, respectively. The three-power amplifier XM-5ES is priced at $999.99, while the others – XM-4ES and XM-1ES will be available at $599.99 each.

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