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Sennheiser unveils TeamConnect, a smart speaker for team rooms

Sennheiser is a well-known speaker company known for pioneering audio equipment with the highest quality, stunning designs, and crystal-clear sound. Sennheiser offers a variety of products, including Sports, Street, Noise Cancelling, DJ headphones, and Studio Monitors.

The brand’s most appealing feature is that it strikes the perfect balance between studio-quality monitor headphones and casual listening at a low price. So, whether you’re an audiophile or a casual listener, Sennheiser offers a product line to suit your needs.

They don’t stick to a single sound signature, and unlike most other firms, they don’t sacrifice audio quality to produce unnecessarily excited head-shaking bass. Sennheiser manufactures a wide range of products, from low-cost to ultra-high-end.

Some of them are created specifically for niche professional markets. Sennheiser maintains its industry leadership in innovative audio technology that facilitates collaboration and learning.

sennheiser teamconnect

Sennheiser unveiled their new TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker (TC ISP) specially curated for Microsoft Teams Rooms during a virtual webinar. According to the company, the new TC ISP adds on its TeamConnect family, created based on innovation & advanced technology with Microsoft Teams connectivity.

With its new offering, Sennheiser provides a smart, focused, and inclusive meeting solution for up to 10 people, whether participants attend online or in person.

New Intelligent solution

The new Sennheiser addition is meant for up to 10 individuals in small to medium-sized rooms, whether participants join virtually or in person. It has a 3.5-meter-radius omnidirectional speaker and seven beamforming mics to ensure optimal voice intelligibility.

The device can be connected to a laptop, or a Microsoft Teams display in a conference room. It was created to give teams a completely new approach to interact in hybrid meetings: smart, focused, inclusive, and as if everyone were in the same room.

In addition, the speaker transcribes the meeting in real-time while recognizing up to ten individual voices in the room. The TC ISP has a single mute/unmute button that does not make a clicking noise, an LED ring indicating whether the device is muted, unmuted, or conversing with Cortana. Microsoft Cortana voice intelligence allows users to operate the mic vocally for video conferencing and team collaboration.

After installing the speakerphone in your Microsoft Teams Room, you can use it immediately away. There is no need for audio preparation, additional devices such as laptops or tablets, or notes or a pen to make this immersive and user-friendly configuration function. Microsoft is known for its ability to interpret and respond to voice instructions, and the TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker is no exception.

According to Sennheiser, live transcription enables remote participants or those who are hard to hear a new place at the table for comprehensive and supportive cooperation – all without drawbacks or constraints. Following the meeting, the corresponding transcription materials are instantly available.

When it comes to speech and transcribed data, a Microsoft representative at the webinar stated that the firm does not manage or use the meeting data and that it is the customer’s responsibility. Following Microsoft Office 365, users can save audio biometrics in the cloud.

System Administrators can set appropriate policies for their organization and geographic location. Sennheiser and Microsoft have elevated the Microsoft Teams Room experience by delivering a strong and intelligent solution that enables Microsoft Teams users to enjoy new levels of audio quality.

The device is available exclusively in English in the United States, Australia, and India. Sennheiser anticipates increasing the languages in the coming months as a global first-company.

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