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Marshall introduces new speakers: Willen & Emberton II, with an IP67 rating

Marshall has added two additional Bluetooth alternatives to its portable speaker series and a few new capabilities. The company’s first ultra-compact portable, the Willen, is accompanied by the Emberton II, which expands on the prior model in a few respects.

Both are now compatible with the Marshall Bluetooth app, previously unavailable on portable speaker models. Additionally, Marshall has launched a new Stack Mode function with the release of these two portable speakers.

It enables you to connect multiple Willen or Emberton II speakers to create a multi-speaker system. Both of these speakers are available in Black and Brass colors. In addition, both the speakers come with a tough design with IP67 water and dust-resistant rating.

Willen – mighty sound anywhere you go

Let’s start with the revolutionary Willen, a pocket-sized speaker designed for use on the go. The Willen is Marshall’s first truly ultra-compact speaker, having a standalone 2-inch complete driver & 2 alternate radiators.

marshall willen

This tiny speaker adheres to Marshall’s unique design approach, with gold highlights set against a black (or white) metal and rubberized faux leather surface despite its diminutive size. Marshall Willen is a compatible speaker using a standalone two-inches 10-watt overall autonomous driver & alternate components.

It can only output mono audio. The speaker is IP67 certified weighing 310 grams. As per the firm, they can provide hearing time of around 15 hrs power & may took 3 hrs to charge completely. Willen is a powerful portable speaker made to support you at different times.

The Willen is durable enough to tote about wherever you go exploring, whether indoors or out about, thanks to its 15+ hours of playback time. You can also use Willen’s mobile Bluetooth app to control it and use the Stack Mode function to connect numerous speakers in your setup.

Willen is as remarkable behind the scenes. The sturdy design of this speaker is free of PVC, and 60% of the plastic is post-consumer recovered from old electronics. Pre-order for $119.99 in black or bronze, with delivery starting from June 2.

Pack a punch with Emberton II

The Emberton II is a small portable speaker with two passive radiators and two 2-inch full-range drivers for a strong and colorful sound. Furthermore, the speaker features a unique True Stereophonic sound that provides an immersive 360° sound experience.

marshall emberton ii

Beginning with an extended battery, the Emberton II is touted to last 30 hours on a single charge, up from 20 hours in the prior iteration. In addition, the Emberton enables a quick 4 hrs of charging & a 20 mins of playback during low battery.

Emberton II is strong and sturdy, with IP67 dust and water-resistant rating and a very durable and easy-to-use design, such that rain or dirt won’t get in the way of your music. In addition, Emberton II stays true to the brand’s renowned heritage design while also being more environmentally friendly.

The strong construction of this speaker is made up of 50% post-consumer recycled plastic from used electronics, plastic bottles, and automotive lamp covers and is PVC-free as well. In addition, these portable speakers have Bluetooth v5.1 connectivity and a 10-meter wireless range.

They have a multi-directional control knob and can receive over-the-air updates using sophisticated software. The Emberton II is available in black and bronze and is now pre-ordered. It costs $169.99 and will start shipping on May 10.

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