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Focal Extends Alpha Evo Product Line with New Studio Monitors and Subwoofers

Last year, Focal debuted the Alpha Evo line, which featured the Alpha 65 Evo and Alpha 50 Evo. With the new Alpha 80 Evo ($549 each monitor) and Alpha Twin Evo studio monitors ($659 per monitor), and the much-expected Sub One subwoofer ($999), Focal returns to the market in February 2022 with new goods to spice up the Evo Range even more.

The Alpha Evo series (Evo standing for evolution), which includes innovative products and services and a unique design, gives an unsurpassed performance at an accessible price point, reinforcing the French brand’s position as a benchmark for international studios.

Focal Alpha 80 Evo

focal alpha evo

The Alpha 80 Evo is a great contribution to the Alpha Evo range, powered by an 8″ woofer and a 1″ tweeter. The Alpha 80 creates an amazingly neutral tone and outstanding dynamics by utilizing a slate fiber cone.

The back panel features reflective elements such as three inputs (XLR, TRS, RCA) and a selectable standby mode that allows users to save power. A front-ported layout makes it very easy to use in small spaces that would otherwise accentuate low end, giving consumers additional flexibility in playback rooms.

Those impressed with the Alpha 65 will find the Alpha 80 to be a great, balanced-sounding alternative for even the most demanding monitoring applications. The new Alpha 80 Evo is equipped with a newly created 8-inch slate fiber woofer composed of recycled carbon fiber.

Alpha Twin Evo

Those looking for a horizontally oriented surveillance system will be drawn to Focal’s new Alpha Twin Evo. The Alpha Twin Evo, which comes with a centered 1″ tweeter equipped with two 6.5″ woofers, can descend to 38 Hz and then ascend to 22kHz.

focal alpha twin evo

The amplifiers produce 2 x 50 watts of low and mid-frequency power and 30 watts of treble power, reaching 108 dB SPL.

The Alpha Twin Evo is made with cutting-edge slate fiber cones as the Alpha Evo line to offer remarkably neutral sound. It also has the same embellishments as the Alpha Evo range, such as automatic standby and customizable bass/treble settings. Those looking for a neutral rendition of low end may appreciate the new Alpha Twin Evo’s deep bass.

According to Focal, the new speakers have a strong transient performance and a broad dispersion, ensuring a uniform sound all across the room. The manufacturer further says that a constant tonal balance is maintained regardless of volume.

Like the Alpha 50 Evo and Alpha 65, Evo launched last year, and the new speakers have an additional 1/4″ TRS input (in addition to the XLR and RCA inputs). Increased connectivity is always beneficial, and this provides you with even more possibilities for connecting the speakers to your interface.

Focal Sub One

focal sub one

The subwoofer has two 8-inch dual slate fiber cone long-excursion woofers and a 200-watt RMS power rating. It has a frequency range of 32 Hz and a peak SPL of 114 dB. The Sub One subwoofer, according to Focal, ensures a high degree of detail and precise bass modulation.

It has two wide front vents for a consistent tonal balance and flexibility integration into your area, whether under a desk or along a wall. According to Focal, it is an ideal match for the Alpha Evo series displays, but it may also be used with the Shape line monitors.

The panel features a lot of adjustment choices, such as a configurable low-pass crossover, volume, phase adjustments, and polarity control. On top of the left and right XLR inputs and outputs, there’s LFE I/O and bypass foot control.

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