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Focal Announces New LITTORA Range of Speakers for Yachts and Coastal Areas

For people who are living a fancy and luxurious life, Focal is bringing some great news for you. The French luxury audio brand has launched some great new speaker drivers under their new series called LITTORA. These speaker drivers will go smoothly with yachts and will be excellent for coastal regions or any wet areas in general.

Focal already has the expertise in making audio products for yachts, and the LITTORA lineup is one of their best. The series comprises in-wall and in-ceiling speaker drivers that can easily blend in with any environment. Because they are from Focal, they can deliver stunning audio performance in both indoor and outdoor settings.

You will find two series within the LITTORA lineup:

The first one is the LITTORA 1000, which further has two speaker drivers and three outdoor speakers:

  • Littora 200 ICW6
  • Littora 200 ICW8
  • OD Sat 5
  • OD Stone 8
  • OD Sub 12
Focal LITTORA 200 and 1000 Speakers

Then there is the LITTORA 200, which has two speaker drivers and a subwoofer:

  • Littora 1000 ICW8
  • Littora 1000 ICW10
  • Littora 1000 ICW SUB10

These are easily some of the best speaker drivers that you can find for your yacht or any coastal or wet environmental setting. With Focal’s iconic sound quality, your place will deliver unique audio with the new LITTORA speaker drivers.

The LITTORA 200 and LITTORA 1000 Speaker Drivers

We have already discussed the new LITTORA series of speaker drivers. So there are two series within the LITTORA lineup: the LITTORA 200 and LITTORA 1000. This is a premium series from Focal, so everything you will get on these will be luxury and quality redefined.

They are available in both in-wall and in-ceiling designs and can easily complement any walls or ceilings you install them in. They also look pretty premium, so you can use them in your luxury settings and make a solid impression.

First, let’s talk about the flagship LITTORA 1000 series: there are two speaker drivers: the 1000 ICW8 and 1000 ICW10. Furthermore, there is the 1000 ICW SUB10 subwoofer as well that can deliver a powerful sound. For the LITTORA 1000 series, Focal has taken inspiration from their iconic Utopia line of in-wall/in-ceiling products.

Next up is the LITTORA 200 series, it has two speaker drivers, namely 200 ICW6 and 200 ICW8. Not only that, but this series also features three outdoor speakers: OD Sat 5, OD Stone 8, and OD Sub 12. These speakers are an excellent option for people who wish to enjoy outdoor audio in gardens, cafes, etc.

Focal also provides users with three sizes of angled brackets so that they can seamlessly install these speaker drivers in both indoor and outdoor environments.

The Expertise of Focal

Focal is a premium audio brand that makes speakers and other peripherals for yachts and wet environments. In coastal areas, corrosion from salty water is a big issue, and brands use innovative technology to work around that. This time, Focal came up with the Fiber IP cone for the flagship LITTORA 1000 series, and they are using the Iris IP cone for LITTORA 200 series to make them durable without compromising on quality.

These cones also assist with the concealing of these speaker drivers in all environments efficiently. All of the speaker drivers also come with an IP65 rating making them dust and waterproof. Since Focal has been making these products for a while now, they know all the challenges and risks of wet areas. That is why they use their expertise to make their products face any possible challenge.


All of the products under the new LITTORA lineup should be available by November this year. If you own a coastal premise like a home or a restaurant or you like sailing on a yacht, these speaker drivers will be perfect companions. They will also be great for any other wet environments such as a spa, steam room, etc.

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