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Focal Announces New K2 Power M: Hi-Fi In-Car Devices

Most of you might already know, but for those who don’t, Focal is a French luxury audio brand. They make all kinds of luxury audio products for yachts, outdoors, indoors, cars, you name it. In fact, they also make some of the best headphones in the game. If you are interested, you can check our list of the best Focal Headphones.

However, this article isn’t about headphones; it’s about the newly launched K2 Power M series of audio devices for cars that Focal has unveiled recently. The new K2 Power M lineup is inspired by the legendary K2 lineup from Focal. So let’s explore all the new devices in the new lineup and what they bring to the table.

Focal K2 Power M: Pure High-Fidelity In-car Sound

Focal is a brand for people who live a luxurious life. They want a delicate touch in every place possible, so Focal does it everywhere. Be it at home or in cars, Focal provides luxurious audio solutions for all places.

Now they have unveiled a new line of audio products for in-car audio installation. They are presenting these products as “à la carte” products.

The product lineup is named K2 Power M, which takes inspiration from Focal’s already popular lineup K2. The K2 line started way back in 1986, and it is pretty prominent to date. So with the new K2 Power M series, Focal is bringing the best features of their iconic K2 series. So the French audio brand has combined its best innovations and acoustics to make these new in-car audio system devices.

The New Focal K2 Power M Lineup

A luxury audio brand is not just about providing the best audio quality; it is more about taking attention to detail to the next level. That is exactly what Focal does.

When you get any of Focal’s products, you get a luxurious experience. For instance, all of the products in the K2 Power M lineup are manufactured in France in Focal’s workshops situated in Saint- Étienne. That’s a unique feature of the brand that you won’t get anywhere else.

Here are all the products in the K2 Power M lineup:

  • A midrange 3 KM
  • A woofer (6.5 KM)
  • A subwoofer (SUB 5 KM)
  • A tweeter (FRAK)

Focal has made them relatively compact so that they can be installed seamlessly in any car cabin.

Coming to the name K2 Power M actually has a meaning. So the folks at Focal took the famous “M” profile and integrated it with the already iconic yellow K2 cone in aramid fiber. They have combined the tried and tested stuff together to bring some of the best in-car audio systems.

As per Focal, the “M” profile was the most suitable profile for this series as it has a better frequency response. The sound dispersion is also better on this one. Furthermore, it also helps in reducing the speaker driver depth. When you combine all of these features, the K2 Power M lineup gets all the features to deliver a pure Hi-Fi sound.

“À LA CARTE” Audio System

Focal emphasizes the “À LA CARTE” audio system, and this is because the entire lineup is free to choose from. There are no off-the-shelf installation kits with this series. Users can choose whatever they like and what goes best with their vehicle.

New FRAK Tweeter from Focal

The K2 Power M also introduces a new tweeter from Focal, and it is named FRAK. It comes with an “M”-profile Aluminium/Magnesium cone. Users can combine it with other products from the K2 Power M lineup to get an immersive sonic sound.


The entire K2 Power M product lineup from Focal will be arriving in the month of February 2023. So it is a small waiting period. However, this “À LA CARTE” audio system is an excellent choice for all luxury users who want the best audio system in their premium cars.

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