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Sony’s new HT-S400 soundbar links to Bravia TVs wirelessly

Sony is best known for developing the PlayStation gaming platform, but it is also a significant player in the audio industry. Sony’s prior soundbars have been geared toward high-end consumers, but the brand now has something for individuals who want to replace their TV’s built-in speakers.

The brand has announced the HT-S400 soundbar, including a few functionalities while remaining under $300. In addition to a 2.1-channel system, it provides digital surround sound to make movies and shows lively. It has a 130W wireless subwoofer adding to an overall o/p of 330W.

It comes with a wireless subwoofer with a prominent 160mm speaker, separate remote control, and the ability to connect wirelessly to compatible Sony Bravia TVs, eliminating the need for an HDMI or optical cable.

Wireless soundbar connectivity is becoming increasingly popular, particularly with soundbars designed for advanced surround formats like Dolby Atmos or DTS:X. TCL announced the Roku TV Alto R1 in 2021, which was easier to set up and operate. Once connected to a Bravia TV, the HT-controls S400’s appear on-screen and are controlled using the TV’s remote.

Rich audio experience

The revolutionary HT-S400 2.1inch soundbar features “cinema-style surround sound” without the need for an entire channel speaker array owing to Sony’s S-Force PRO Front Surround technology. According to Sony, the “distinctive virtual sound line processing technology practically duplicates the surround sound field” but only uses front speakers.

sony ht-s400

The speaker also includes Sony’s updated rectangular-shaped X-Balanced speaker components with a “Separated Notch Edge” architecture. According to the business, strategically positioned cuts on the diaphragm’s edge regulate tension within and outside the body.

It also improves “vertical amplitude symmetry,” according to Sony, which is necessary for excellent sound clarity.

The soundbar can be placed on a shelf just beneath the TV and will provide the majority of the audio. The subwoofer should preferably be placed on the floor. As a result, lesser frequencies will be transmitted. Sony boasts that this pair can deliver cinema-quality audio, which draws skepticism.

The Sony HT-S400 speakers come with a variety of connectivity options. To begin with, it works well with Sony televisions, particularly the more recent models. If Sony TV is unavailable, plug in a Bluetooth pairing device to connect your TV. When you opt for a wired connection, you can utilize HDMI ARC or the optical cable.

Elegant yet affordable

An OLED display window with remote control functions includes source inputs, visibility functions, and volume settings. There are three valuable settings to choose from voice, which enhances dialogue clarity, Night, which decreases dynamic sounds. And Sound Field, which up-converts stereo inputs into simulated surround sound.

The integrated user interface, which delivers the soundbar’s settings to the television’s quick settings menu and via the TV’s remote control, further enhances Bravia compatibility. The HT-S400 speaker system appears to be a high-end system. However, it isn’t the most expensive.

Other devices, such as the HT-A7000 and HT-A5000, have many more functions and cost more money. The HT-S400, on the other hand, comes at a reasonable price, costing only $299. You’ll have to wait a while if this speaker set piques your attention. Starting in April 2022, this set will be accessible.

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