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Sony unveils its ‘Perfect for PlayStation 5’ campaign for BRAVIA XR TVs

Sony Electronics has unveiled its BRAVIA XR TVs, which are specially designed to complement the PS5.

Their campaign, ‘Perfect for PS5′, emphasizes the exclusive design of the TV range that perfectly works with PlayStation 5, offering gamers a phenomenal experience with mesmeric sound and graphics. Sony has launched the brand new PS5 exclusive TV range to concoct gamers’ ultimate next-generation console experience.

Sony BRAVIA XR TV models


An elevated experience with the new BRAVIA XR TVs

The new Sony BRAVIA XR is an excellent counterpart for Sony’s sound series, such as the HT-A9 Home Theater System and the sound bars of HT-A5000 & HT-A7000. Users are offered the liberty to connect the Sony sound products directly to their PlayStation. The new BRAVIA range promises gamers to witness an exceptional experience with Sony.

Sony BRAVIA XR TVs allows direct and fast connectivity via an HDMI cable, automatically recognizing the console connectivity and switching to the game mode. The brand-new TV offers users, especially gamers to enjoy a smooth and responsive gaming experience.

The BRAVIA XR TV comes with exclusive features complementing the PlayStation 5 and displays their mesmerizing user experience by introducing unique aspects; the Auto HDR Tone, Mapping, and Auto Genre Picture Mode.

Sony’s BRAVIA XR TVs aim to deliver stunning graphics displaying vibrant colors and spectacular contrast, with the final touch of unique sound from screen technology, offering users the ultimate and remarkable experience whenever they watch TV or play a game.

Exclusive features – BRAVIA XR for PS5

sony bravia xr tv and ps5

Auto HDR Tone mapping: This remarkable feature allows instant optimization during the initial setup of PS5. The PS5 can recognize the BRAVIA XR models and automatically choose the best HDR settings for the TV. With such features, the gamers can see minute details and vibrant colors in high contrast scenes. Gamers can now see detailed objects in their game and make the next move with ease.

Auto Genre Picture Mode: The brand-new TV can recognize whether the user is playing a game or watching the news. With this feature, the TV automatically changes mode from gaming to standard or vice versa, shifting focus to picture processing for a more graphical and expressive picture.

Moreover, the ‘Perfect for PlayStation 5’ TVs support frame rates up to 120fps with a super-crisp resolution of 4k, according to HDMI 2.1 specifications for induced compatibility. It also presents an input lag of 6.0ms on the Z9J model and 8.5ms on other models of BRAVIA XR associated with dedicated Game Mode.

Users benefit from extraordinary smoothness and responsiveness in visuals, whether in games or instant on-screen action movies, with such extraordinary features. Both PS5 and BRAVIA XR TVs require software updates to access the Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode, which can be available by the end of January 2022.

Therefore, through the collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sony Electronics Inc. has launched their brand new BRAVIA XR TV, presenting best-in-class graphics and low input lag, with exclusive PS5 features, confidently introducing the range as ‘Perfect for PlayStation5’

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