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Sony unveils a new ECM-G1 Shotgun Microphone

The ECM-G1 is a new shotgun microphone from Sony that is targeted toward video producers and vloggers. The company claims that it not only records directional audio in the forward direction at excellent quality but also in a compact package.

When creating material, artists can now experience outstanding sound quality with ambient sound suppression and a crisp frontal sound collection.

In addition to being the smallest & slickest model in the line, the ECM G1 on-camera shotgun has a 3.5mm output connector that allows it to be used with various DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Additionally, it works with Sony’s Multi-Interface (MI) Shoe, giving Sony photographers a cable-free connection for recharging and in-camera audio recording.

A new standard for video recording

sony ecm-g1

The new ECM-G1 Vlogger Shotgun Microphone from Sony will be a hit with vloggers, YouTubers, and TikTok celebrities looking for a reasonably priced, camera-mountable shotgun mic. When recording video content, clear, high-quality sound is crucial.

With its ability to record crystal-clear voiceovers, windscreen for reducing wind noise when shooting outside, and anti-vibration dampers, the ECM-G1 is the ideal companion for mobile video content creators. Even cable-transmitted outside noise is eliminated when paired through the MI (Multi-Interface) port.

Sony has clarified that the ECM-G1 is intended to be a simple, affordable option for content producers who want to boost their audio games quickly without spending much money on specialized equipment.

The ECM-G1 has a large diameter microphone capsule (14.6 mm), weighing only 34g, which collects clear sound while cutting down on noise, greatly improving the quality of video production.

The ECM-super-cardioid G1’s pickup pattern aims at collecting crisp and clear audio from in front of the camera while limiting ambient noise to ensure that only necessary audio is captured, thereby making selfie photography feasible. While recording inside, the ECM-G1 suppresses echo pickup from sidewalls and voice reverberation to deliver crisp conversation sound capture.

Superior sound on the go

The microphone’s compatibility with the MI Shoe provides excellent power settings and cable-free operation for maximum freedom. Electricity is transmitted from the visual camera to the portable mic while capturing using the variable-length LCD visual display portrayed horizontally.

With measurements of 28.0 mm * 50.8 mm * 48.5 mm, the ECM-G1 is incredibly portable and may be used anytime, anywhere. Despite its tiny size, a big, 14.6mm electret-condenser capsule makes it simple to use with grips and gimbals and considerably improves your camera’s built-in microphone.

Users have the highest degree of freedom for various shooting scenarios with a recording connection and a microphone connector that works with many devices, including cameras and smartphones.

A windscreen is offered to help with air and wind noise issues, while an anti-vibration mount helps with mechanical noise and light bumps. The ECM-G1 can be mounted on various cameras. However, Sony cameras with a MI shoe work best.

Although this is a beginner-level microphone, it should function well if you wish to place a tiny microphone on, for example, an FX3 or FX6, when mounted on a gimbal. The new ECM-G1 will go on sale in August 2022.

So, next month, users can see the ECM-G1 shotgun microphone, ideal for vlogging with multiple device compatibility. Pre-sale has already begun on July 13 & users can get it at USD 150 and CAD 190.

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