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Sony Launches VENICE 2 Digital Cinema Camera

Sony unveils VENICE 2, the latest addition to its series of high-end digital cinema cameras, renovating the original VENICE with new upgrades, internal recording, compact design and optional sensors.

Check out the all-new 8.6K full-frame sensor and the 6K VENICE sensor. The newest addition also inherits the signature features of the old VENICE, inclusive of its color science, Dual Base ISO, and built-in 8 stops ND filters.

Extraordinary Image Quality even in Low Light

The new full-frame 8.6K CMOS image sensor presents remarkable image quality, with a total 16 stops latitude, efficient in capturing images with great color separation and unique shadow detail.

The 8K CineAlta camera brings a unique dual base 800/3200 ISO to capture cleaner images in various lighting conditions. At a 4K resolution, the camera supports full-frame, full-frame anamorphic, and Super 35, presenting a versatile camera system.

Further, the strength and image quality of the camera has been tested by renowned cinematographer Robert McLachlan ASC, CSC in two countries, concluding an epic and engaging experience. Besides Robert, Claudio Miranda ASC, ACC, and Rob Hardy, BSC, ASC have also offered their judgment on VENICE 2, claiming to have had a fantastic experience.

The 8.6K sensor offering incredible oversampling allows compatibility in VR, VFX cameras, and virtual production setup, bringing an immersive and realistic image quality, combining Sony’s high contrast and crystal LED displays.

New Enhancements

The Original VENICE had created huge havoc with its streaming releases and witnessed wide adoption due to compatible firmware and hardware updates since its inception in 2017.

sony venice 2

The new VENICE 2 preserves the signature features of the original VENICE, with its wide lens compatibility: PL mount and the proprietary E-mount, besides the other attributes.

Based on production community feedback, the flagship model has been designed in a compact and ultra-lightweight structure than VENICE without sacrificing the intuitive features.

VENICE 2 offers internal recording of X-OCN and Apple 4K ProRes 4444 and 422 HQ without the need of an AXS-R7 recorder, all packed within its 44 mm smaller and approximately 10% lighter architecture.

With interchangeable image sensor blocks, the latest addition presents added flexibility, automatically recognizing the change of sensors without requiring any firmware exchange or re-installation. The 6k sensor offers higher frame rates than the latest upgraded sensor.

VENICE 2 further leverages the high-speed 6.6 Gbps AXS card AXS-A1TS66 for recording at 8K in 60p. The new media is compatible with the AXS Memory Card Readers and the AXS-AR3 via the Thunderbolt 3 interface. Preserving all necessary attributes of VENICE, the newest model is compatible with most VENICE accessories, even with the evolved design.

Based on user feedback, the other upgrades include 4K LUT output, improved 3D LUT processing, LUT/ASC-CDL control via Ethernet/Wi-Fi, S-Log3 outputs, Lemo 2pin 12V output connector , and an installed microphone.

The VENICE 2 8.6K cinema camera is scheduled to ship from February 2022, with the 6K camera estimated to start shipping from March 2022. The 6K camera is compatible with the existing VENICE Extension system. However, an all-new Extension System for VENICE 2 8K is estimated to be released by early 2023.

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