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Sony Launches New XW Series Laser Projectors

Sony appears to have realized that now that it can no longer pretend to be the only company providing completely native 4K projectors at even remotely cheap pricing, it’s time to step up its projector game in several other, potentially remarkable ways.

The new Sony trio: VPL-XW5000, VPL-XW6000 & VPL-XW7000 projectors, which were recently introduced, appear to have the ability to produce an earthquake in the luxury home cinema sector. The world’s smallest Native 4K SXRD 0.61″ panel (3840 x 2160) enables a sleek chassis design, and the best-in-class picture processor is included in the three new Native 4K HDR Home Cinema laser projectors introduced.

Sony is prepared to give an amazing 4K HDR experience on the big screen, thanks to new wide dynamic range optics with TRILUMINOUS PROTM and Sony’s “X1TM Ultimate for projector, resulting in enhanced dynamic range and extraordinary clarity, enhancing the spectator experience.


The XW7000ES is intended to replace the VW915ES (US)/VW790ES (UK) and improve previous models in three significant respects. First, the brightness increases to a whopping 3,200 lumens.

sony vpl-xw7000es

It’s tempting to imagine how much of a difference this much light could make to the HDR experience with full-screen and low peak brightness content. Particularly with the Dynamic HDR Enhancer on board to presumably guarantee that the brightness is directed to the appropriate locations while preserving black levels.

The XW7000ES’s second major selling point is a considerably more sophisticated motorized Advanced Crisp Focus (ACF) lens setup that comprises numerous low-distortion glass elements to maximize the native 4K resolution and decrease focus and color convergence concerns in the image’s borders.

At last, the XW7000ES offers a Visual Color Improviser to its photo processing series. It is intended to increase saturations in general, but it also has a feature that recognizes skin tones and treats them differently, ensuring that they don’t become unnatural. The XW7000ES will be available for $27,999.99 in the United States and £14,999/€14.999 in the United Kingdom and Europe.


sony vpl-xw6000es

With 2,500 lm2 of brightness offered by a stable laser light supply for vibrant visuals on a huge screen, the VPL-XW6000ES provides a bold, sharp ambiance. This model is available in black or white and includes an all-new 0.61-inch SXRD panel with great brightness, inky blacks, beautiful colors, rich hues and patterns, clear cinematic dynamics, and image fluidity.

The Flagship-level X1TM Ultimate for projector brings the finest of Sony’s famed BRAVIA TV video processing to home cinema, delivering high dynamic range images with richness, color, contrast, and authenticity. It will cost $11,999.99 in the United States and is not expected to be released in the United Kingdom.


sony vpl-xw5000es

Even though having a full laser visual feature, new and enhanced Sony SXRD visuals & a video engine, the VW5000ES may cost $5,999.99 (£5999 in England & €5999 in Europe). With the switch to a laser light source, the XW5000ES now has a reported peak light intensity of 2000 Lumens, which improves the XW5000ES’s ability to handle high dynamic range content, particularly when combined with Sony’s superb Dynamic HDR Enhancer functionality.

The XW5000ES’s major aspect is the presence of Sony’s X1-Ultimate. This processor incorporates important AI and object-based image processing aspects to provide a significantly more polished, three-dimensional view.

Meanwhile, the innovative SXRD ‘panel’ within the XW5000ES has been shrunk to 0.61 inches, despite maintaining a native 3840×2160 4K resolution. The trio of Sony’s new projectors is thinner and lighter than anything we’ve seen from the company’s SXRD line previously.

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