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Sony Launches LinkBuds Featuring Innovative Open Ring Design

Naturally, some people prefer “open” headphones like Apple‘s AirPods or Samsung‘s Galaxy Buds Live to the plethora of silicone-tip options that press securely into their ear canal.

However, greater awareness of one’s surroundings is a significant draw for some people, whether they’re riding a bike, going for a solo run, or touring a crowded metropolis. To address this, earbud manufacturers have increasingly turned to transparency mode, which uses microphones to feed ambient sound into your headphones. It’ll never be the same as having a direct, unfettered view of the globe.

So, after introducing the great noise-canceling WF-1000XM4 earbuds, which are still the top overall pick in 2022, Sony has decided to create its open-style earphone. Today, we’re looking at audio transparency instead of active noise cancellation, particularly Sony’s new LinkBuds – the first earbuds designed to allow the outside world in.

The new truly wireless earphones, the new addition to Sony’s portfolio, have an Open Ring Design that offers users to hear noises from their surroundings whenever they choose effortlessly.

The one-of-a-kind open ring solution guarantees to keep you comfortable all day. They also claim a premium and immersive audio experience, many smarts, and reasonable pricing. The earbuds also provide you with more control over Spotify, allowing you to start listening to favorite songs without touching your phone.

Stay connected to the world always

The Sony LinkBuds TWS earbuds feature a 12mm open ring driver coupled with an open center diaphragm for acoustic transparency. The Open Ring Design of the earbuds enables users to listen to ambient noise while wearing them. The Digital Sound Enhancement Engine is used in the TWS earbuds to recreate elevated sounds.

sony linkbuds

The Sony LinkBuds TWS earbuds also have a Wide Area Tap feature, enabling users to control playback without touching the earphones by tapping in front of their ears. They also get a Speak-to-Chat function, which automatically pauses music when the user begins speaking to someone.

Sony LinkBuds work with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri. The earbuds also have an Adaptive Volume Control feature that adjusts the intensity of the playback based on the user’s environment.

Sony isn’t taking any chances with color choices with the LinkBuds, which come in dark grey or white. However, it is unmistakably fashionable. With a donut-style hole carved directly into the middle of the portion that lies in your ear, these earbuds have a unique aesthetic.

The LinkBuds are just around four grams lighter than Apple’s third-generation AirPods, but the difference is more evident when contrasted to the bean-shaped, 5.6-gram Galaxy Buds Live.

According to Sony, the LinkBuds were also developed with the minimum environmental impact. The buds & the charging case are crafted out of recycled plastic, and the packaging is also claimed to be plastic-free.

IPX4 protection and a 5.5-hour battery capacity per charge are also included, with the case itself retaining 12 hours of charge. Only with 10 minutes on the wire can you have 90 minutes of enjoyment. This month, Sony will begin selling LinkBuds in both black and white. The price is €180/£150/ $179.99.

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