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Sony Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For Off-Ear Headphones

Sony announces the news of its Crowdfunding campaign, introducing its all-new Off-Ear headphones. The headphone brings forth a new style, with speakers built close to the ear canal but without touching it.

Sony’s latest headphone safely leaves the ear uncovered with the novel architecture while presenting a rich and impressive listening experience. The Crowdfunding campaign is set to continue in November on Indiegogo.

Apart from attracting a customer base for the product, the designers of Sony hope to receive valuable customer feedback and product inputs regarding the design of the product during the campaign.

Exceptional design radiating comfort

Sony exclusively designs the headphones to present an acoustic experience, delivering rich sound without compromising comfort. Sony desperately brings forth the product to demonstrate incredible comfort, added with safety, exclusively built for runners.

Built with a sound driver, diameter as large as 16mm, the skilled engineers of Sony Corporation present a natural and immersive audio experience to users. The headphone is made ultra-light, weighing only 34g. It aims to drive comfort to runners, with additional stability while running.

The headphone enjoys an excellent IPX4 water resistance rating; assured protection against water splashes from any angle, provided the USB connector cap is properly closed. Such rating liberates users from the concern of damage from sweat or rain.

Moreover, users are provided with an architecture that supports hands-free wireless calling via Bluetooth while enjoying a long battery playback of up to 10 hours. With the headphone’s unique and innovative off-ear style, runners need not worry about blocking surrounding noise, ensuring added safety while running.

Hiwebe6, the headphone cancels the body conducted sounds of users own footsteps. Presenting an ultra-lightweight and flexible look, the back headband of the headphone denounces all forms of misalignment and eliminates wear-ability issues, unlike the most common headphone types.

The real-time performance of the latest headphone may vary with the environment dynamics, such as weather changes and appropriate usage by the user.

Product specifications

The product bundle offered by Sony Corporation contains off-ear headphones, a USB- C type charging cable with a carrying pouch. The new creation is brought forward to offer incredible comfort to runners, with an Off-Ear design that makes the ear completely free, making comfort the topmost priority of the product.

The amazing design offers breath-ability and is equipped with all the features that runners desire. Apart from lightweight and long battery life, it allows wireless connectivity making the use more convenient.

With its new product, Sony Corporation exudes stability, security, and flexibility, with a perfect headband that distributes pressure equally without compromising the joy of running; a perfect fit for all kinds of runners.

Powered by magnificent sound drivers and precise tuning, its natural sound offers a truly remarkable listening experience. The headphones bring sophistication in their way, complementing your style and allowing pairing with all types of hairstyles and running accessories.

Campaign details

Sony strives to obtain feedback from prospective customers with the Crowdfunding campaign, promising to work on necessary enhancements based on feedback before the release. After fulfilling the funding target, committed customers can receive the headphones.

The headphone additionally offers user control-ability, eliminating the requirement of smartphones with embedded control options. In addition to the unique features presented by Sony, this new product has all the advantages over existing headphones, along with delivering the merits of open-ear headphones.

The campaign continues until November 2021. The first 300 customers may get the product at $77 and available at $103 and $129 for the next 300 customers and customers buying after the sale of the first 600 units, respectively.

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