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Sony Announces 2022 BRAVIA XR TV Lineup with Innovative XR Backlight Master Drive Technology for New mini LED Models

Sony is one of the top brands when it comes to smart TVs. Just recently, Sony Electronics Inc. has announced its new 2022 Bravia XR TV lineup. The new lineup includes MASTER Series Z9K 8K and X95K 4K Mini LED models, MASTER Series A95K, MASTER Series A90K and A80K 4K OLED models, and X90K 4K LED model.

Sony’s latest generation of Mini LED models are powered by Cognitive Processor XR and it also brings XR Backlight Master Drive technology. As a result, users get the ultimate brightness on the Z9K and Z95K series.

With a higher dynamic range, users will be able to enjoy the dazzling whites and deep blacks. The natural mid-tones will also have almost no flare and halos around highlights.

The new A95K OLED(QD-OLED) TV is also powered by Cognitive Processor XR and comes with XR Triluminous Max. This delivers a wide color palette and reproduces more natural shared and hues. With these stunning features, users get the best immersive experience with Sony’s A95K.

Users will also get enhanced Acoustic Surface Audio+ for OLED models and Acoustic Multi-Audio for LED models. The features help in providing a more immersive audio-video experience by positioning the sound with images on the screen.

Sony has also partnered with Netflix to provide new customization features to strengthen the at-home entertainment experience. Now there is a Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode that senses the ambient light to automatically modify the image processing. As a result, users get to see their favorite TV shows and movies just like the creator intended.

Then Sony’s new BRAVIA CORE Calibrated Mode adjusts the on-screen image quality to make it more like the filmmaker’s original version.

With PS5 exclusive features like Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode, the entire 2022 BRAVIA XR lineup is “Perfect for PlayStation”.

This year’s BRAVIA XR Lineup will also feature a new camera called BRAVIA CAM. It intelligently identifies where users are sitting and then optimize the sound and picture quality accordingly. The camera also allows gesture controls, video chat, and some other fun features for the users.

A Closer Look at 2022 BRAVIA XR TVs

  • MASTER Series Z9K 8K Mini LED TVs: This is the flagship series in the XR lineup. They are available in 75 and 85-inch screens. These TVs come with Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR and XR Backlight Master Drive.
  • MASTER Series A95K OLED TVs: A step-down and more affordable than the Z9K, the A95K series TVs come in 55 and 65-inch screen sizes. These TVs come with XR OLED Contrast Pro technology. As per Sony, these TVs are 200% more color bright when compared to standard TVs.
  • X95K 4K Mini LED TVs: These come in 85, 75, and 65-inch screen sizes. They feature Sony’s BRAVIA CORE Calibrated Mode and Cognitive Processor XR.
  • MASTER Series A90K OLED TVs: Available in 48 and 42-inch screen sizes. This series comes with Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR, XR OLED Contrast Pro, and BRAVIA CORE Calibrated Mode technologies.
  • A80K OLED TVs: This series is available in 77, 65, and 55-inch screen sizes. Sony includes Cognitive Processor XR, XR OLED Contrast Pro, BRAVIA CORE Calibrated Mode, Acoustic Surface Audio+, Acoustic Center Sync technologies.
  • X90K 4K OLED TVs: This series is available in 80, 75, 65, and 55-inch screen sizes. This series also features Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR, BRAVIA CORE Calibrated Mode, Acoustic Multi Audio, Acoustic Center Sync technologies.

Pricing and Availability

Sony will be announcing the pricing and availability information for all the new BRAVIA XR TVs in Spring 2022. However, do note that these are premium TVs, and combined with new upgrades, they will be quite expensive.

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