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Sony adds three new speakers: SRS-XG300, SRS-XE300 & SRS-XE200

Sony has added new models to its series of wireless speakers, as it does every year at this time. With the SRS-XG300, SRS-XE300 & SRS-XE200, Sony has introduced three new wireless speakers to its series that are intended to be used outside for their portability with the necessary dust & moisture protection (IP67).

The group is also a component of Sony’s X-Series, which uses “X-Balanced” non-circular speakers to increase sound pressure while reducing distortion. The new Sony wireless speakers have various payback periods on a single charge, ranging from 16 to 25 hours. All three types are portable, allowing users to utilize them inside, outside, or on the go!

Powerful & Even Sound

Everywhere they go, listeners need a speaker that can produce powerful sound. These speakers accomplish that precisely because all three new models feature Dual Passive Radiators and Sony’s exclusive X-Balanced Speaker Unit.

Sony SRS-XG300

They deliver HD music & intense audio pressure to stay energetic for the entire night. They also generate punchier bass with less distortion. The SRS-XG300 is the 1st pick in the model. The fusion of a tapered cylinder form and a retractable arm grant this speaker more of a boombox-like appearance in a compact package.

The XG300 features a Live Sound Mode that simulates being at a live concert, ClearAudio+ for “the finest balanced sound,” and Mega Bass, which boosts low-end response. Listeners can turn on the SRS-ambient XG300’s illumination, which syncs the speaker’s lighting to the beat of the music for those who prefer their party to have a little more color.

According to Sony, the XG300 can run for around 25 hours on a single charge & can operate for around 70 minutes after 10 recharges. If you need the speaker for that use, the business has also integrated Echo Cancelling for calls that sound more natural. On July 15, the $350 XG300 will go on sale in grey and black colorways.

Bring the beat Wherever you Want

Sony’s innovative Line-Shape Diffuser, which draws inspiration from the sound systems used at professional concerts, disperses sound evenly and farther so that friends in the same place may dance to the same favorite songs being played while also appreciating the same great sound quality.

Sony SRS-XE200 and SRS-XE300
Sony SRS-XE200 and SRS-XE300

Both the SRS-XE300 and SRS-XE200 are equipped with Sony’s innovative Line-Shape Diffuser technology. The SRS-XE300 is the next in line. For this mid-size model, Sony chose an elegant aesthetic.

With Sony’s Party Connect and Stereo Pair capabilities, several speakers may be synchronized for more sound, and the integrated settings include a mute microphone button for calls. With this speaker, you may listen for up to 24 hours on a single charge, and 70 minutes of listening time can be obtained by plugging it in for 10 minutes.

Echo Cancelling is also incorporated. On July 15, the $200 XE300 will be available in grey, black, and blue hues. The SRS-XE200 is the final one and is the smallest of the three. Despite being smaller than the XE300, it has the same shape and basic style. The XE200’s attached carrying strap is the only visual distinction.

According to Sony, the device can play music for around 16 hours & a 10-minute charge provides 70 minutes of use. XE200 will cost $130 and come in grey, black, blue, and orange options on July 15. All the speakers are available to buy now.

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