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Sonos Launches a New Compact Subwoofer: The Sonos Sub Mini

As we are moving towards the end of the year, there are a lot of tech brands that are launching their products. Following suit, we have Sonos, a renowned audio brand that has announced their new mini subwoofer, and to match the size, they have named it Sonos Sub Mini.

As per Sonos, this new wireless subwoofer is going to set a “new standard” as it comes with all the capabilities to deliver some powerful bass that is also balanced.

The Design

Sonos Sub Mini

In terms of design, the new Sonos Sub Mini takes inspiration from its big brother, the Sub which is a popular subwoofer and has won a lot of awards in its category.

Only, this time, the Sub Mini is more compact and comes with a cylindrical design. This allows the subwoofer to deliver more clear lows and powerful bass.

Mighty Power Packed Compactly

This cute-looking subwoofer can easily rest on your desk and will complement the entire aesthetic because of its futuristic design. The key highlight of the subwoofer is its powerful yet balanced bass. So you can easily use it for watching films, listening to music and other stuff. Overall, it is just great for getting an immersive streaming experience in the comfort of your home.

Key Features

  • To deliver solid bass, the new Sub Mini comes with dual custom woofers. When you combine this solid hardware with advanced processing, the bass you get is just next level. There are no buzzing sounds or batting at the low end.
  • This allows you to get a more immersive experience when you are watching a movie or listening to a song. The subwoofer also neutralizes distortion in a clever way. Both the woofers are made to face inwards and that creates a force-canceling effect. This helps in lowering the distortion.
  • Powerful bass does not mean that you do not get a balanced sound, this subwoofer comes with the latest digital signal processing. So you get a better bass response. It almost feels as if you are listening to a big subwoofer. Overall, the subwoofer comes with all the hardware and technology that can deliver an overall powerful sound experience that is a treat.
  • Apart from a powerful sound experience, this new subwoofer has great aesthetics and looks really cool, almost from the future. So it is definitely going to look wherever you keep it and will attract attention from other people.
  • Sonos has made it seamless to set up the new Sub Mini. All you have to do is open the Sonos app and then tap on a few things. Then you can use the app to do some mixing and matching and it will provide you with a great sound complimenting your settings. Then there is the Trueplay feature which is quite remarkable. It creates a custom sound profile by reading sound reflections coming off from walls and other objects in the room. So you are just going to get the best sound experience.

Pricing and Availability

There will be two color options for the new Sonos Sub Mini. Consumers will be able to choose from a matte black or a white version. It is priced at $429 and the new subwoofer will start shipping this October 6 in the global markets.

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