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Sing Along Millions of Songs with Apple Music Sing

Let’s admit it: We all like to sing now and then. Be it alone in the bathroom, at an event, or for fun. There are not a lot of people in this world who hate music or singing. To make things better, certain songs always boost you to bring out your inner singer. It doesn’t matter if you are a good singer; it just feels good.

Well, now you can improve your singing experience as Apple just launched Apple Music Sing. It is a new feature for Apple customers, who can now sing their favorite songs with real-time lyrics and many other cool features. So let’s explore this new feature launched by Apple.

Apple Music Sing by Apple

Apple recently unveiled a new feature called Apple Music Sing, which allows people to sing along to their favorite songs. It is not a new feature; it has been around for a while via third-party apps. But now they are integrating it into Apple Music. It is good for Apple as they can trap more people into the “Apple Ecosystem” as they directly incorporate this feature into their devices.

Apple Music Sing has many excellent features, including adjustable vocals, real-time lyrics, etc. So if you are ever at a party where you have to perform a duet or take the lead, or any occasion where you have to sing, this new feature can help you a lot.

This new feature will be inside Apple Music, so you will also get a seamless lyrics experience. Then the platform also has millions of songs, and the library will only expand with time. So all you have to do is find the most singable songs and then sing them along using Apple Music Sing.

Key Features of Apple Music Sing

Adjustable Vocals: The feature allows users to control the vocal levels of the songs. They can choose to sing with the original vocals or mix it with countless songs on the Apple Music platform.

Real-time lyrics: It is always a challenge to understand the lyrics of some complex songs. But with Apple Music Sing, that issue is eliminated. Now users will see animated lyrics on the screen, and they can sing along reading those lyrics.

Background vocals: The feature allows different lyrics sung simultaneously to display separately from the main songs. This makes it easy for the singers to follow the lyrics and everything so they don’t lose track.

Duet view: If two or more people are singling a multi-singer track, then you can use this feature as it divides the screen and shows different data for different singers. It just helps all the singers to sing better.

Those are some fantastic features for all the enthusiast singers who like to take the mic now and then.


Apple will add the new Apple Music Sing feature by the end of this month. The feature will be available for all Apple Music Subscribers around the world. It will work on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV 4K.

It is another clever move from Apple to build a feature that is available by other apps directly into their native Apple Music App. Now users will no longer need to download a third-party app to sing along with real-time lyrics. Also, since Apple does everything with a delicate touch, you can expect the feature to work seamlessly.

That is why many people will be using it, attracting more users to Apple Music service. It is also their clever way of destroying a segment for any third-party apps, as they now provide the feature in their native Apple Music app.

So it will be a disappointment for all the third-party apps that offer the same functionality. Are you going to sing using Apple Music Sing? Or do you know better than not embarrassing yourself publicly with a terrible singing voice? Do let us know!

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