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Shure introduces new ceiling array microphones: The all-new MXA920

With the rapid rise in remote conferencing over the last two years, nearly everyone has now encountered the disadvantages of poor audio quality and lack of coverage. A high-quality audio experience has evolved from a “good to have” to a “must-have.”

Microphones are being installed in hybrid meeting spaces and classrooms to ensure intelligibility, while voice tracking cameras are increasingly widespread to offer an engaging and immersive experience.

The renowned MXA910 got popularised ceiling array microphones usage in MNC firms, schools & government conference venues since 2016. Shure is prepared to raise the bar for the highly demanding AV Integrators, Tech Employees & final customers.

Shure introduces the MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone, a new addition to their conferencing array microphones with superior audio recording technology and easy deployment and maintenance.

Next-generation Array Architecture

MXA920’s Automatic CoverageTM technology enables pre-configured audio capture with little setup, drastically lowering integrator deployment time and expense. The MXA920 uses Next Generation Array Architecture to improve directional pickup and provide a more realistic voice.

The IntelliMix DSP onboard cleans out noise and echoes for AV conferencing in various room types, including executive conference rooms, higher education hybrid classrooms, and business meeting spaces.

The new microphones, which are available in round or square forms, are described by Shure as the next-gen of the MXA910 Ceiling Series Microphone, which will be phased out with the launch of the new product.

Shure’s MXA920 is authorized for Microsoft Teams and will be available later this year, with more conferencing apps to follow. Shure says the MXA920 is built for hybrid working settings, with improved camera tracking functions, voice lift, and sound reinforcement.

Speech intelligibility is essential while listening to audio from a distant location. With the new MXA920’s next-generation array architecture with better directional pickup, speech sounds more natural.

The array microphones may be configured to cancel noise from certain rooms/regions using the integrated IntelliMix DSP, allowing IT to focus on the presenters and other in-room participants.

Automatic Coverage Technology

Manual pointing of the microphone lobes is no longer required with the Shure MXA920 microphone ceiling array. The array is set to capture your environment with automated coverage fully. The array comes pre-configured to cover a 30x30ft space and can support up to eight completely configurable audio coverage zones.

With improved DSP protocols turning natural speech to be heard clearly, the system can deliver better locational pickup across various bandwidths to monitor a precise location overview. For more accurate camera tracking, the MXA920 provides the exact area of each audio system to camera monitoring devices.

Shure has launched square and round form factors with the MXA920 to accomplish the architectural requirements of today’s meeting venues. White, black, and aluminum finishes are available to match any office’s interior design needs, and all are paintable for unique purposes.

Shure emphasizes connectivity, as it has in the past. Flexible networking is vital in this scenario. The MXA920 in the room uses Shure Audio Encryption to keep meeting content secure. The microphones are available in various mounting arrangements, including in-ceiling, ion-ceiling, pile, and wire rope.

Shure refers to networked audio capture that can span difficult acoustic settings and support custom applications as “table stakes” for hybrid workplaces. More than ever, users are demanding solutions that capture the voice organically & blend in flawlessly with the aesthetic of a place.

Make things simple to reach out to the participants—irrespective of their demographics. The MXA920 meets these modern and increasing expectations, ensuring easy deployment and superior audio recording.

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