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Sennheiser Launches TV Clear True Wireless Earbuds Made for TVs

The one to think out of the box is usually the one that gets an edge in the competition, right? In that case, you will be happy to know that Sennheiser has announced a new set of Ture Wireless (TWS) Earbuds named TV Clear.

As the name pretty much gives away, these earbuds are specially made to be used with a TV. So, let’s understand what the new TV Clear from Sennheiser is all about.

Usually, brands do not make TWS earbuds specially optimized for TVs as there is not a very huge market for them. People prefer watching TV with sound systems and surround sound. But there are instances when they really want the best audio quality that they can get from a TV. This is where the new Sennheiser TV comes into play.

First of all, they can work with all the TVs that have an optical or analog output. On top of that, they have a transmitter that provides super-low latency so that the users get the best experience.

If you happen to have a smart TV with Bluetooth, then it is even better because these TWS earbuds will just connect seamlessly to your TV.

And again, these earbuds will work just fine with other devices like your laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. You can even use them to take and make calls with your mobile phone.

The Design

They look like any average earbuds with little horns coming out of them which are most probably for holding them into place. These earbuds weigh about 6.9 grams which are quite lightweight and that is why you can wear them for long movies and shows.

sennheiser tv clear true wireless earbuds

Made for Entertainment

Since Sennheiser is marketing these earbuds for TVs, there has to be a distinguishing feature about them, right?

Well, first of all, it gives you five levels of speech clarity that help you get a personalized audio experience.

The dialog clarity on these ones is definitely going to be great as they come with up to 20 dB of high-frequency amplification. Any movie night will definitely be worth it.

They come with a transmitter that allows you to set the volume levels at your convenience regardless of what other audio source or TV volume might be. This way, others can watch the stuff in their own comfort and you can listen to your own preferred level of volume.

Use it Alone or With Friends

The new Sennheiser TV Clear TWS earbuds are great if you just want to watch the TV without disturbing others in the room. You just simply connect them to the TV and watch your thing.

But sometimes, you would also want to know what’s going on in the room. For that, it has an Ambient Awareness Mode and when you turn it on, it allows you to listen to the external sounds as well.

Seamless Connectivity

TV Clear TWS earbuds come with a transmitter and this is a great tool if you want to connect to TVs or just want to connect to all of your devices including that laptop, tablet, TV, and smartphone. Then, there is obviously the normal Bluetooth connectivity option which is always seamless.

​Further Reading

​If we look at them realistically, they are nothing more than a set of really great earbuds. We already know that Sennheiser makes some of the best earbuds so the audio quality is definitely going to be great.

There is a TV Clear App as well that allows all sorts of customizations and controls. The battery life of these earbuds is 15 hours on a full charge when used with the transmitter. Then the case adds 22 more hours. Overall, the battery life of the earbuds on a full charge with the case is around 37 hours.

Sennheiser TV Clear Set is priced at USD 399.95 and is expected to arrive this summer.

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