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Sennheiser Launches IE 600 Earphones

Last year, Sennheiser released the IE 300 in-ear headphone, a great in-ear headphone that presented a bright, colorful, balanced sound and was designed with the enthusiastic music fan in mind.

Sennheiser introduces the IE 600, a follow-up to the IE 300, aimed at the audiophile’s most discerning of all listeners. However, keeping the target population in mind, you don’t have to be an audiophile to admire the IE 600’s natural and rich sound.

Wireless earbuds are all the rage right now, but for the best sound quality per pound, nothing beats a corded set. So, here’s Sennheiser’s newest pair: the IE 600, which sits between the flagship IE 900 and the more affordable IE 300, and they appear to be an appealing offer.

The earphones are plated in space-age amorphous zirconium, a metal that Sennheiser claims will increase the earbuds’ endurance and long-term good looks, even if you treat them roughly. Given the €700 price tag, this is encouraging news.

Exceptional in every detail

sennheiser ie 600

Sennheiser’s consumer division, which is now part of the Sonova company, has released its debut product, the IE 600 earbuds. The model falls between the flagship IE 900 and the IE 300 earbuds, which will be released in 2021.

They’re all geared for music fans who aren’t interested in wireless solutions and still believe “the smallest details matter.” Sennheiser also touts “a wholesome enjoyment” with the new IE 600, referring to the sophisticated materials utilized in the seamless earphone placements.

The buds have a similar look and feel as 300s, with a comfortable fit, lightweight construction, and classic design. The casings of the middle-sitting IE 600 were created utilizing a unique 3D printing technology, with housings made of ZR01 amorphous zirconium — a metal having an atomic structure comparable to glass that has three times the toughness and has improved steel resistance.

The new benchmark housing’s resilience, along with “several elaborate treatment methods,” makes the headphones impervious and scratches, ensuring that they keep their new-in-box appearance for years to come.

Sennheiser’s developers have picked acoustic back volume and precision-molded resonator chambers to build their acoustic prowess, which should theoretically boost the sound’s prominence and intimacy. Dual resonator chambers are located within the nozzle, and their purpose is to mask resonances so that higher frequencies are not impeded.

The 600 is like a more mature older brother of the 300, with a brighter and punchier sound signature. The elements that come out of every nook and corner of your music are the charm of the IE 600.

You may lower the level and explore your music in a whole new way once you’ve found a good seal with the proper tip. These blossoms shine in intricate, subtle, precise, and nuanced genres.

Sennheiser’s TrueResponse transducer, which consists of a standalone 7mm driver, falls in line with this. Sennheiser promises a “tonally neutral, intimate, and emotional” performance, with a forceful, rapid, and precise response, which should be notably audible on voice performances.

There are also some nice design embellishments. For further stability, the gold-polished MMCX connections are buried in their housing. They also accept 4.8mm cable length & lower, allowing you to connect various audio sources (including advanced internal parts & desired output range).

In addition, they come with 3.5mm and 4.4mm cables, three sizes of silicone & memory foam earphone tips, and ear hooks for enhanced comfort and security. If you enjoy electronic music, neo-classical music, jazz, folk, indie rock, or even classical music, the IE 600 can transport you to new places with your music at a reasonable price.

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