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Samsung’s 2022 4K and 8K TVs and Gaming Monitors to Support New HDR10+ GAMING Standard

Samsung Electronics has released the news that the Samsung’s selected 2022 TVs, both 4K & 8K, and the gaming monitor will be equipped with the new HDR10+ GAMING standard. With that, Samsung sets out to deliver an immersive gaming experience to users.

The HDR10+ game-play is scheduled to be showcased during CES 2022 and an array of game titles, both 4K & 8K, all driven by NVIDIA graphics card.

Samsung has proudly announced that the new HDR10+ GAMING standard can be featured in the Samsung Neo QLED series, along with Q70 TV line-ups and gaming monitors as well.

The gaming standard will allow global gamers to experience premium game-play with immersive graphics, rich visuals, and vibrant images. Samsung has always been committed to providing users with cutting-edge innovations, elevating their user experience bringing in advanced features & functionalities.

Stunning Graphics with HDR10+ GAMING Standard

The new gaming standard is developed by HDR10+ technologies and presents innovative tools, offering gamers an ultra-responsive and compelling gaming experience across various display technologies, including consoles and PCs. With this new gaming standard, the need for manual calibration is eliminated.

samsung 2022 gaming monitors to support hdr10+ gaming

The 2022 TV, & gaming monitor line-up, will feature this new gaming standard, presenting stunning graphics, catering to every game developer’s requirement. Samsung brings the first-ever gaming standard, delivering the most responsive gaming experience with maximum accuracy.

The game engine can automatically optimize video game content in real-time by eliminating the need for manual configurations when games are loaded, which was previously only feasible with films and TV content.

This characteristic preserves the greatest highlights while preserving specifics in the darkest shadows, allowing gamers to see and react to everything on display. Moreover, it can alter the display to “true reference mode,” letting in more color, further eliminating the need for gamers to change the settings manually.

In CES 2022, several other companies like Saber Interactive are also scheduled to present their HDR10+ GAMING titles. Like Samsung, Saber Interactive is pleased to adopt the new gaming standard, bringing in more immersive gaming titles, all in a unique way.

Premium HDR Experience

HDR10+ is famed to raise the bar by featuring exclusive picture quality with several innovative functionalities. The new standard can optimize brightness & contrast, either frame by frame, or scene by scene, bringing color expression with even more accuracy.

Since its inception four years ago, HDR10+ has been able to incur global support, acquiring 128 partnerships with more than 4000 supported devices. About 28 manufacturers with devices ranging from TVs to smartphones to tablets.

HDR10+’s metadata brings in flexibility for content creators, meeting their exclusive demands for impactful graphics. Additionally, GPUs of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series and GTX 16 and RTX 20 series are set to adopt HDR10+ GAMING standard, with drivers expected to showcase in 2022.

With such, gamers will enjoy a vibrant, visually appealing, and more vivid gaming experience on HDR10+ GAMING support monitors or TVs.

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