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Samsung Adds ViewFinity S8 Monitor to the ViewFinity Lineup

Tech companies are now focusing on the expanding market of content creators. Since the content economy is expanding at a rapid pace, there are better and better choices for the creators.

Just recently, Samsung has added a new monitor in the ViewFinity series. The new one is called Samsung ViewFinity S8 and the model name for it is S80PB.

According to Samsung, they have created this high-resolution monitor for people in the creative field such as content creators, graphic designers, and other creative professionals.

So let’s know a little more about the new ViewFinity S8 monitor and the features that it brings for the creators.

Samsung ViewFinity S8

samsung viewfinity s8 s80pb

For the new Samsung ViewFinity S8, Samsung has decided to go with two popular screen sizes and that is why it will be available in 32-inch and 27-inch variants.

Basic Specifications

The new high-resolution monitor has a UHD resolution of 3,840 x 2,160. It has an IPS panel. When you combine the Pro-grade UHD resolution with a wide color gamut up to 98% of DCI-P3, the colors on the screen are just next level and creators can truly explore the beauty of things while editing.

The 32-inch variant comes with Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) DisplayHDR 600 while the 27-inch variant has Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) DisplayHDR 400. With HDR support, one gets more range, accuracy, and nuance.

This gives an ideal editing environment for creators who work with complex colors and too many objects.

One of the key highlights is the ‘PANTONE Validated’ recognition in display from PANTONE that these monitors have. The certification simply means that these monitors can reproduce over 2,000 colors. On top of that, they have also added 110 skin tones shades.

It has a fairly good response time of 5ms GtG and the viewing angles are also decent at 178° horizontal and 178° vertical.

In terms of features, this one comes with intelligent eye care and features like Adaptive Picture, Eye Saver Mode, etc.

It has both Picture-in-Picture and Picture-by-Picture modes. There is a height-adjustable HAS stand and there is also a 100×100 wall mount.

In terms of connectivity, this one has one display port, an HDMI port, a USB Type-C port, and a USB Hub 3.0. It also supports a maximum 90W USB-C Charging.

World’s First UL Verified Glare-Free ‘Matte Display’ Monitor

Samsung is claiming that the new ViewFinity S8 is a one-of-a-kind monitor with the world’s first UL-verified Glare-Free monitor Matte Display coating on top of the display panel.

Because of this, the users do not require a monitor hood to reduce reflection and this is an ideal choice for users who prefer matte displays.

The viewing angle is also wide on this one so that creators have to flexibility to create from any angle and see the images clearly. Also, this monitor was at CES 2022 display and it also won the Innovation Award in the Computer Peripherals & Accessories category.

Like many big tech brands, Samsung is also committed to sustainability and following that, they have developed and used a new material for the ViewFinity S8, and this material is made from repurposed ocean-bound plastics.

So there are two new models in the Samsung ViewFinity series. And here is the lineup:

2022 Models

  • S80PB
  • S61B

2021 Models

  • S95UA
  • S80UA
  • S80A
  • S70A
  • S65UA
  • S60UA
  • S60A

Samsung is planning on shipping the new ViewFinity S8 by the end of this month in the global market. If you are a creator, will you be getting this new monitor from Samsung? Do let us know!

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